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Caminos opuestos 1
Alejandro interroga a Roxana 2
Una riña sangrienta 3
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The series follows the story of two siblings who witness the murder of their parents in the hands of one of the drug cartels in Mexico, after this murder, Roxana Rodiles the younger sister of Alejandro Ferrer is kidnapped. 25 years later, Alejandro Ferrer is now the captain of the Federal Police and only seeks revenge against the narcos for destroying his family. Roxana that after 25 years disappeared and ignoring that her brother is Alejandro enters a business of buying and selling diamonds. However, everything will be reduced when the interpol that silently followed the trail of money tries to capture it. After being detained and interrogated, Roxana enters the prison of Las Dunas, a boarding school with almost unique characteristics throughout Mexico, since it simultaneously houses, although in different pavilions, men and women deprived of liberty for being accused or condemned. for the most diverse crimes. Alejandro knowing this is responsible for sending Daniel Laborde, as an infiltrated agent who will try to fall in love with Roxana to obtain information, after several misunderstandings between the two siblings and without knowing they are relatives, they will try to destroy the narcos.
  • Roger
  • Tatiana Torres
  • Dani Deschanel
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