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Surgical Strike
Detective Tatara tries to interrogate Mrs. Fujino (the rescued hostage), but Mochizuki General Hospi... Mehr Detective Tatara tries to interrogate Mrs. Fujino (the rescued hostage), but Mochizuki General Hospital Hospital's staff frustrate his attempts. Dr. Mochizuki congratulates his agents and announces that Arashi, Mikoto and Oriha will become a team known as Ampule 1, supporting the Ampule 0 formed by Dr. Yuuko Sagiri, Dr. Miki Tsurugi and nurse Sayo Hitsugi. Masaki kidnaps Mrs. Fujino and his henchman Yoroida fatally runs over the elder Mrs. Kimura, one of Yuuko's patients, during the kidnapping. At an abandoned apartment complex, Masaki and his men await for the vigilantes while Masaki gives Fujino a drug known as Platinum Lily. When Tatara tries to save Fujino, the drugged woman stabs him, and when Mikoto tries to help him, Konomi Suzue, Tatara's partner enters the room, only to be taken hostage by Masaki's thugs. While Sayo, Miki and Yuko begin the assault, Arashi arrives just in time to save Mikoto, and Yuko avenges her patient by killing Yoroida. Arashi and Mikoto confront Masaki on the building's rooftop and when Fujino tries to attack him, Arashi knocks her out. Arashi tells Masaki that he always had a conscience, even with the surgery and that is what gives him strength. When Masaki tries to escape using a helicopter, Oriha (who had rescued an unconscious Tatara and Suzue) shots it down and Arashi kills Masaki. In the aftermath, Dr. Mochizuki tells his aid that they will continue with their triages, while the same mysterious group comment that they will eventually encounter Black Label.
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