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Midnight Guerrilla
Mikoto remembers her brother's death while going on a mission, only to arrive and find out thei... Mehr Mikoto remembers her brother's death while going on a mission, only to arrive and find out their target has been burned to death by another vigilante. Meanwhile former Black Label member Shiniichiro Inunaki gives Dr. Mochizuki a footage of Arashi's previous mission, that was recorded by Masaki before dying. Inunaki in exchange for his silence gives Black Label information about a new drug whose cargo will arrive very soon, and the consequences of its spreading. At school Mikoto meets the mysterious transfer student Chikage Hizaki, and the latter expresses her interest in Mikoto. Ampule 1 is sent to kill the leaders of the Kabuto Group, who are interested in acquiring the new drug. Despite successfully killing their targets, they encounter the arsonist once more before she escapes. Ampule 0 is sent to investigate on their own and Sayo follows Inunaki to the hideout of some arms dealers. While riding on her motorbike, Mikoto encounters Chikage. Meanwhile Kunio Oomichi, the brother of one of the killed members of the Kabuto plots his revenge. Sayo kills most of the dealers and before he can interrogate the surviving one, a sniper kills him, while Inunaki simply leaves. Mikoto tells Chikage how her brother died in a motorcycle accident and she also nearly died, so Chikage tells her how she lost both her parents at a terrorist incident, and how she and her sister were taken care of by a doctor, only for her sister to die in a house fire that scarred her. A drugged student tries to rape Arashi's classmate Yuu Momokino, but Chikage and Mikoto stop him in time. The drugged man escapes, but in his phone there's a ransom demand from Oomichi, who has taken another student hostage. Chikage (who happens to be the serial arsonist) and Mikoto part ways, in order to kill the remnants of the Kabuto.
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