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Galactic on Stage
Before Wild Hunt can kill one of the hostages, Oriha distracts them and kills some henchmen using a ... Mehr Before Wild Hunt can kill one of the hostages, Oriha distracts them and kills some henchmen using a homemade bomb. Oriha speaks to Wild Hunt using a radio and the terrorist reveals its knowledge of Black Label. Oriha fails to bargain with Wild Hunt and the police officers realize something's wrong with the blueprints. The man in charge of the security room turns out to be Wild Hunt's sub-commander and when Oriha manages to avoid him, he announces that the plan is in its final stage. The police storms the building and a gunfight happens, with Oriha being surprisingly saved from two gunmen by the Mikazuki sisters. Wild Hunt, who turns out to be a woman with a voice changer, knocks out Haron and Sumire and captures Oriha, but Ampule 1 springs into action. Wild Hunt and her men use secret tunnels that reach the subway to escape, but Mikoto and Arashi reach them in time. While Mikoto deals with the thugs, Arashi faces the sub-commander and Wild Hunt in total darkness. Wild Hunt, whose real name is Siren, directs his henchman by mimicking Oriha's voice, hoping to make Arashi panic. Arashi remains calm and by remembering Inunaki's lesson, kills the sub-commander and fatally shoots Siren. As she lays dying, Siren realizes Arashi is like them and says the world is about to change before dying. Oriha reunites with Haron and Sumire, while Mikoto and Arashi are ambushed by a masked rider.
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