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Chaos World
The rider turns out to be Arashi's mentor, Inunaki, who was simply testing them. Inunaki also i... Mehr The rider turns out to be Arashi's mentor, Inunaki, who was simply testing them. Inunaki also informs them that their suspicions about Siren's actions were right; she was distracting the police while her comrades stole from a cargo ship two briefcases necessary to manufacture the Platinum Lily. The ship belongs to Kyoji Tobishiro, from the influential Tobishiro Clan that rules the city from the shadows, but Inunaki mentions that Tobishiro doesn't truly understand what Platinum Lily really is. Ampule 0 goes to the ship and Sayo is attacked by the twin sisters Kaoru and Kaori Murasaki, while Yuko faces the masked Mr. Astro, who says that their group, Syringe, is declaring war to Black Label and their intentions to bring chaos to the world. The masked man D takes one of the briefcases, but Miki is able to obtain the other and Syringe makes the ship sink. Sayo is badly injured, but Yuuko finds her in time and taken to intense care. Dr. Mochizuki realizes he might know the contents of the briefcase and tells Arashi, Mikoto and Oriha what he knows. Masamune tells how he used to be the doctor of a mercenary group and in one of their missions they came across a village with access to an unknown virus, named D99 virus and it's vaccine. The research team, formed by Masamune, his second-in-command Fiona Ran Winchester and Inunaki, discovered that the virus was capable of giving healing powers to those that survived it and its possibilities were limitless, but that the risks of falling in the wrong hands or mutating were too high, so they decided to destroy all the samples after the village was destroyed. It is then revealed that Arashi was the last person who received the virus, since Masamune didn't want to lose both him and his son. Arashi doesn't resent the doctor and Black Label wonders how it surfaced again. A frustrated Kyoji wants to spread the Platinum Lily as a way of spite his father, the Head of the Clan, meanwhile Sayo awakens.
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