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Closed Heart Shelter
A Flashback on how Arashi was re-learning to walk and how Hitsugi helped him is shown. In the presen... Mehr A Flashback on how Arashi was re-learning to walk and how Hitsugi helped him is shown. In the present Fiona directs Ampule 1 to capture Sayo, which confuses them, but Fiona explains that her illness has resurfaced and must be stopped. They runs across a berserk Sayo and proves to be too much to handle, but Miki and Yuuko interfere in time. Yuuko is willing to kill Hitsugi, since she promised herself that she would do it if it came to it once more. Arashi prevents her from killing Sayo and locks himself and Hitsugi in an underground part of the facility. When Mikoto tries to intervene, Masamune convinces her to let Arashi try, since they have survived the same illness. Yuuko and Miki explain that 9 years ago they investigated a facility belonging to Itaru Togo, a member of the original team that researched the D99 virus, only to find everyone there including Togo dead, killed by a test subject. Miki found that the subject had developed a lot of strength and regeneration, but also deep psychological issues. Yuko was attacked by the subject, but right when she stabbed it, she realized it was Sayo. She saved her, but Sayo lost her memories. Arashi tries to make Hitsugi remember a promise they made each other years ago and finally succeeds when he takes off her mask. A grateful Sayo kisses Arashi in front of Mikoto, and then assures the rest of the team that she will no longer avoid her past. Meanwhile Kaname Makiishi, Syringe's leader, directs Kaoru and Kaori to kill a detective that's been researching them: Konomi Suzue.
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