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Alfred Enoch

Alfred Enoch


December 2017

Estou indignada até hoje pela a morte de Wes

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February 2017

He looks so cute :'( <3

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June 2016

Wes bae

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April 2016

his face is so cute..

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February 2015

Alfred, you will always be Dean Thomas for me! :)

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October 2014

There's something about his accent that just doesn't sound right...

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September 2015

He's British, so you're probably picking up on parts of his American accent not sounding authentic. I'm a Brit and never even guessed he was British until doing a quick Google search on him.

September 2014

Very cute! :D

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How to Get Away with Murder
How to Get Away with Murder

– As Wes Gibbins

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