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    September 2021

    This show was such a masterful examining of the horror and beauty to be found within religion and self.

    Little things I loved:

    Hassan clapping back with his speech about the Quran/religion in a school setting

    How “Paul” and Bev’s preaching eventually started to sound like big words with no meaning behind them, except to dazzle their followers. They spoke so quickly and zealously that it made it seem like they knew what the we’re talking about, and no one could combat their wisdom.

    Riley’s ending

    Bev being a constant example of someone twisting the Bible to fit their needs—the ending when she realized the Monsignor was no longer on her side, how quickly she Uno-reversed everything he said with Bible scripture.

    Annie’s confrontation of Bev

    Hassan and Ali on the beach at the end

    Erin’s speech at the end

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