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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (S01E09) is the ninth episode of season one of "Pan Am" released on Su... More Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (S01E09) is the ninth episode of season one of "Pan Am" released on Sun Dec 04, 2011. Over 432 TV Time users rated it a 8.26/10 with their favorite characters being Karine Vanasse as Colette Valois, Kelli Garner as Kate Cameron and Margot Robbie as Laura Cameron.
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11 reactions

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July 2016

God how i love this show and the costumes and the atmosphere...!!

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September 2015

Is that any way to end an episode?

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July 2017

The episode started extremely awkward and became absolutely nail biting. Also, thinking about the replacement captain: not everything was that great in the 1960s.

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June 2017

Maggie és incrível tem uma boa inteligência e está por dentro de todos os assuntos do mundo. O deputado gostou do que viu e ouviu e se apaixonou.

Laura tomou um bolo e Ted ganhou o bolo.

Kate me irritou, porque entrou se não ia aguentar?

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March 2018

Maggie é hilaria demais haha nao me surpreende ela colocar fogo no hotel kkkkk Amo a Laura demaais, espero que o Ted não a faça sofrer ç.ç Kate é uma ótima agente, surpreende até os experimentes! E coitadaaa, fazendo de tudo para se livrar do ofício mas creio que ela se complicou agora :c

Cada episódio surpreende mais que o outro. No que todos se envolverão agora? AAA ta tudo muito bom

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October 2017

Kate killed the man

Kate killed the man
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March 2018

Oooh Collette😈

Oooh Collette😈
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September 2015

uno de los capítulos mas interesantes

one of the most interesting chapters

See original
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3 weeks ago

Dean and Colette moment in the ranch was so cringy, it was a pain to look at the scene.

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January 2019

Colette was so sweet !!
Ted is confusing me a bit now -> does he like Laura or that girl (Alice in the Twilight saga) ?! -> in the end he was so nice to save Laura from the pilot 😊
Kate is not a simple carrier anymore ...

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February 2015

Entretenido y buen episodio

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