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Only Colette could try to begin again and find a prince, talk about french classy... [Read more]

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New Frontiers
New Frontiers (S01E12) is the twelfth episode of season one of "Pan Am" released on Sun Ja... More New Frontiers (S01E12) is the twelfth episode of season one of "Pan Am" released on Sun Jan 22, 2012. Over 416 TV Time users rated it a 7.94/10 with their favorite characters being Karine Vanasse as Colette Valois, Margot Robbie as Laura Cameron and Kelli Garner as Kate Cameron.
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September 2015

Only Colette could try to begin again and find a prince, talk about french classy

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September 2016

So Amanda is gay, how hilarious, poor Ted 😂

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February 2015

Una donna forte come Kate... è un bellissimo esempio!!!

A strong woman like Kate ... is a beautiful example !!!

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September 2016

You dont know how much I hate Bridget

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July 2016

Go colettteeeeeee!!!

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March 2018

Kate was sooo tricky😏

Kate was sooo tricky😏
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June 2017

Gosto de ver esse empoderamento feminino, mesmo que esteja meio bagunçado mas és legal ver cada uma seguindo um rumo ou ideal diferente.
Maggie tem uma coragem e determinação política gigante, desafia a todos.
Laura mesmo não querendo ser um rosto bonito está conseguindo ser a pessoa que está liderando a revolução artística.
Amanda (mesmo não sendo personagem fixa) veio com algo novo e decepcionou o apaixonado Teddy.

I like to see this female empowerment, even if it's a bit messy, but it's cool to see each one following a different course or ideal.
Maggie has a giant political courage and determination, defies everyone.
Laura even not wanting to be a beautiful face is managing to be the person leading the artistic revolution.
Amanda (even not being a fixed character) came up with something new and disappointed the infatuated Teddy.

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July 2017

Good on Maggie for not joining the slime ball.

And well, too bad for Dean not sticking to Colette in the first place back in London. He and her could have made it - but he had to think with his pants first. :/

Poor Ted can't get a break though. :(

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August 2017

Omar had no money where did he get the bike?!

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January 2019

I don’t like that Omar guy ... -> he is not good for the dynamic between some characters (I like the characters just not the impact he has on the show)
Laura’s nude pictures are just magnificent -> they are classy and erotic 😊
Amanda is amazing at keeping her secret -> every time Ted asks a question that she can’t or won’t answer she kisses him or agrees to have sex -> I don’t really thinks it was her first time tho ...
I love the pickpocket scenes with Kate 😊 she should have ask Laura (Margot Robbie did a movie with Will Smith in which she does that pretty well)

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March 2018

Laura linda e pioneira. Colette merece muito ser feliiiz, e ser a princesa que ela merece. Maggie esbanjando caráter (que bom que ela contou pro Ted sobre a noiva, e também não aceitou ser cúmplice daquele bandido). E nossa, que momento quando todos param para ver sobre o atentado ao Kennedy

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