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You’re No Angel Yourself
You’re No Angel Yourself (S02E04) is the fourth episode of season two of "Nashville (2012)&qu... More You’re No Angel Yourself (S02E04) is the fourth episode of season two of "Nashville (2012)" released on Wed Oct 16, 2013. Over 1,051 TV Time users rated it a 7.44/10 with their favorite characters being Hayden Panettiere as Juliette Barnes, Lennon Stella as Maddie Conrad and Connie Britton as Rayna James.
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January 2015

Juliette is always so kind and patient with Maddie! I really like that! And I really like the developing relationship between Juliette and Rayna!

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April 2017

I love these two getting closer! I hope they become friends someday!

I love these two getting closer! I hope they become friends someday!
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October 2013

I want to live in Nashville and be a country singer. Reconversion lol

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June 2017

Don't like: Peggy pretending being pregnant.
Don't like: Teddy proposing to Peggy.
Like: Julliette taking care of Maddie, being so kind.
Like: Deacon, who wants to be a father.

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June 2015

Really hated Avery and Gunnar's song :/

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October 2013

Que les morceaux de musique sont bons...mmmmh.... Par contre, toutes les relations entre les personnages prennent un virage à 180 degré!! Tous les inimitiés deviennent des amitiés et vice versa!! Je ne comprends pas les scénaristes...

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April 2015

Avery and Gunnar song was terrible!

Avery and Gunnar song was terrible!

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October 2013

Enfin on retrouve l esprit de la saison 1. Très bon épisode

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January 2019

Peggy is so manipulative and a liar. Why would you wear a ring around your neck when you should be keeping it quiet. Of course people are going to ask about it. And even if they didn’t know the kids were going to be there , they knew Rayna was going to be there.
Maddie and Daphne are great singing together
I love Juliette being there for Maddie! And her and Rayna talking to each other and understanding each other. I hope they become friends eventually.
Maddie talking to Deacon was so cute and I nearly cried when she said dad once she hung up!

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July 2017

Q chatinha essa filha da Rayna mas adorei a conversa q ela teve com a Juliette e amo quando ela canta com a irmã.

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January 2017

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October 2013

J'ai bien aimé les chansons. Épisode émouvant et pour une fois j'ai apprécié Juliette. L

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January 2018

Os dramas da Maddie eu sempre acho chato, mas o que eu amo mesmo é ver a conversa que ela tem com a Juliette e ver ela cantando com a irmã dela, é muito lindo 😍

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January 2017

Why is Juliet always that kind with Maggie?

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November 2018

Juliette et Avery me manquent💔
Juliette et Maddie c’était touchant
Deacon qui s’inquiètent pour Maddie💛

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