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Shanghai → Qufu
Rai 2
Shanghai → Qufu (S01E07) is the seventh episode of season one of "Peking Express (IT)" r... More Shanghai → Qufu (S01E07) is the seventh episode of season one of "Peking Express (IT)" released on Thu Oct 25, 2012. Peking Express (IT) stars Alice e Guglielmo as Amici, Alessio e Alessandro as Socialisti and Costantino della Gherardesca as Costantino.
  • Virginia
  • Philip Brochant
  • Manuel
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September 2015

Roberto degli antipodi a torso nudo ... Apppppppppppperó!

Roberto antipodean shirtless ... Apppppppppppperó!

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October 2018

Io mi lamentavo dell'inglese delle veline... Ma l'italiano dei ballerini ne vogliamo parlare?? Comunque Simone è insopportabile, davvero odioso!!!

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October 2018

Voglio un Barù nella mia vitaaa!!! 😳

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