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Beauty and The Beast (2017)
Beauty and The Beast (2017) (S06E24) is the twenty-fourth episode of season six of "Honest Trai... More Beauty and The Beast (2017) (S06E24) is the twenty-fourth episode of season six of "Honest Trailers" released on Tue Jun 13, 2017. Over 129 TV Time users rated it a 0/10 with their favorite characters being Jon Bailey as Epic Voice Guy and John Bailey as EpicVoiceGuy.
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July 2017

From now on kids will think France at the time was peaceful and had black people walking around and no slaves and no plagues
And if you think i'm exaggerating, just think about the classic image of a cowboy. Surprise! Those motherfuckers never existed. They were hard workers and had no guns.
Hebrews never built the pyramids.
Portraiting a diversity that never existed, even at a movie for children, makes them believe it is real. Makes people believe it is real. Like Shakespeare and the Eiffel Tower coexisting at the same time.
They tried to do something nice but this will not backlash nicely.

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