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Con este episodio he entrado en la trama de lleno. Bastante mejor. A ver si mantiene calidad en la trama.... [Read more]

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The Hive
WGN America
The Hive (S01E03) is the third episode of season one of "Manhattan" released on Sun Aug 10... More The Hive (S01E03) is the third episode of season one of "Manhattan" released on Sun Aug 10, 2014. Over 530 TV Time users rated it a 7.46/10 with their favorite characters being Rachel Brosnahan as Abby Isaacs, John Benjamin Hickey as Frank Winter and Ashley Zukerman as Charlie Isaacs.
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August 2014

Con este episodio he entrado en la trama de lleno. Bastante mejor. A ver si mantiene calidad en la trama.

With this episode I entered the full frame. Much better. See if maintaining quality in the plot.

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January 2016

paul's letter was just lovely

paul's letter was just lovely
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August 2014

adorei recomendo ...

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September 2015

It's getting better and better !

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April 2015

Superbe épisode

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July 2017

I think this was my favorite episode yet out of the three that I've seen so far. I'm finally familiar with almost all of the characters and their names and we even got to see a little bit of what make them tick. Crosley writing the letter to Sid's wife (probably knowing it won't ever get sent) was quite touching and he would have been the last person on the team I would have expected to make such a thoughtful gesture.

Meeks, who I thought was supposed to be a bit more meek like his name suggested, is the one who's really angry about what happened to Sid and even believes that Crosley was the one who sold Sid out. I wonder how he'll react if/when he finds out that it was Frank instead. Would like to see a bit more characterization in future episodes with Helen and Fritz.

Frank is slowly spiraling out of control with him breaking in to Akley's office and stealing those papers. What I don't understand is why does he keep on disrespecting Charlie when Charlie was more than willing to go to Akley and ask to loan him the papers that he needed? Seriously, Frank, you need to fucking take a chill pill when it comes to Charlie. There has to be more than just him being jealous or whatever it is he feels towards Charlie for him to lose control whenever Charlie is around.

I really thought Frank was sabotaging Charlie's work when he erased something on the board while Charlie was sleeping, so color me shocked when he actually helped him figure it out or showed him the answer or how to get to the answer. My hope that they would eventually team up together is still alive and well.

Loved Charlie putting the other Akley scientists in their place by solving their problems for them while telling them that the group is essentially him and Akley. It's too bad that Akley didn't like what he did and practically demanded he apologize to the other scientists. I loved what he told them: "Physics is 90% thinking, 9% writing, and 1% talking. I've never met so many one-percenters in my life."

The coverup of Sid's death was unfortunate, but this is the military we're talking about. They're going to cover up their mistakes before they admit they made one. And on top of that, they're imposing random searches and are locking down even harder on the scientists and what goes in and out of The Hill. Guess that's the last we've seen of the colonel now that he's warned Frank never to contact or dare to talk to him again.

I enjoyed how Frank devised to see the colonel by pretending to hide some classified papers in the lining of his briefcase. "Epsom salt. If it falls on Hitler's hands, he'll enjoy himself a hot bath." 😄 Frank made a funny!

Abby getting herself a new job was awesome to see, but I was freaked out by her having to ace a lie detection test beforehand. We find out that she's a trust fund baby and that her parents are rich as hell. I wonder how they became rich? Imagine if job interviews today included lie detector tests? How many would actually get hired?

Anyway, I look forward to seeing Abby in a new setting and learning more on the job. We also are introduced to her neighbor from across who she saw walking around naked in the first episode: Elodie and she's French and quite enthralling and sexy. Enchanté indeed.

Other random thoughts:

- Loved the cool new opening credits!

- That's two The West Wing directors that I saw credited as directors for these first three episodes: Tommy Schlamme (episodes one and two) and Christopher Misiano (episode three). Very cool. Also very cool that Schlamme is an executive producer on this show.

- It was quite jarring to see a pregnant woman smoking a cigarette, but it will be years before anyone would think that smoking is not good while you're pregnant. That poor baby, though.

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November 2015

tenés que estar bien atento a lo que sucede como en una sinfonía, hay demasiada gente haciendo las cosas demasiado bien al mismo tiempo, y en armonía.

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July 2018

Paul's letter wasn't sent.

Paul's letter wasn't sent.
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January 2019

Difficile de savoir dans quel sens va la série !!

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April 2016

Perché ogni show mi ricorda breaking bad??😭

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December 2015

Bon , il faut arriver au 3 eme épisode !! Pour véritablement rentrer dans l'intrigue !!
C'est vrai la reconstitution et le jeu des acteurs sont parfaits !! Il règne une vraie paranoïa dans ce camp !!

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