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In the WW1 flashback Frank Winters finds a German soldier wearing a helmet with Nazi symbols. Nazis came to power in 1933...small mistake.... [Read more]

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Last Reasoning of Kings
WGN America
Last Reasoning of Kings (S01E04) is the fourth episode of season one of "Manhattan" releas... More Last Reasoning of Kings (S01E04) is the fourth episode of season one of "Manhattan" released on Sun Aug 17, 2014. Over 514 TV Time users rated it a 7.52/10 with their favorite characters being John Benjamin Hickey as Frank Winter, Olivia Williams as Liza Winter and Ashley Zukerman as Charlie Isaacs.
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October 2014

In the WW1 flashback Frank Winters finds a German soldier wearing a helmet with Nazi symbols. Nazis came to power in 1933...small mistake.

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September 2015

Flashbacks in Franck's life were interesting

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January 2016

È grande abbastanza?
È grande abbastanza da fare in modo che nessuna persona si azzarderebbe mai ad utilizzarla?!

Bravi uomini inventarono metodi migliori ed utilizzabili affinchè la razza umana si sterminasse da sola. La nostra specie sembra avere un appetito insaziabile.

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July 2017

Okay, this episode is now my favorite so far. The whole structure was so well-done with the flashback to Frank's time as a soldier during WWI (I felt so stupid that I didn't realize it was his story we're seeing until he sad his name towards the end because I should have made that correlation right away) and the present time where we see his state of mind. Now I understand him more as to why time is of the essence and why he's behaving so irrationally at times and is just curt and rude to everyone. Still doesn't excuse his behavior, but at least I can somewhat sympathize with his situation.

His behavior during the test and after the bomb blew up just left me shaking my head. Him pulling the gun at Crosley and pointing it at him actually made me really scared for Crosley because Frank is the last guy you want holding a gun even if he has no intention of firing it. It worked, though, because Crosley has renewed vigor and purpose to continue working with Frank and probably is more respectful of Frank in the process after that speech.

Is it safe to assume that the chlorine gas that Dr. Bohr mentioned in his last scene with Charlie was the cause of death for those soldiers in the bunker that killed all of Frank's crew? Damn. Dr. Bohr's speech was an eye-opener and just perfectly explained the dilemma that some of the scientists are going through with ending the war at the expense of killing more people that they consider enemies. Dr. Bohr has lost his appetite for that and is no longer interested in having a hand to further the devastation of war.

As much as I liked Frank's story, the one scene that really moved me was Dr. Bohr's conversation with Liza retelling her the story Frank told him that he thinks so highly of Liza that he believes that she would win the Nobel Prize. That got me all choked up. Dr. Bohr's advice to Liza that she shouldn't stop her work just because they're in the compound was also great to hear: "Flowers bloom everywhere, Dr. Winter. Even in the desert." I want to see Liza busying herself with science and finding joy in it. At least she'll have that if Frank and Callie continue to isolate themselves from her.

I do have a question about the Winters, though. Why did Liza need to be with Frank at the compound, along with Callie? Why uproot their whole lives and live in the desert without knowing fully what they're signing themselves up for? Did they think this was a permanent position? I can't believe that she would give up her chance to be tenured just so Frank could work for the government. I know it's for dramatic purposes, but in reality, I just can't believe she would throw all that away for her husband.

More and more, it looks like Charlie will end up working with Frank now that he's seen how Akley and Oppenheimer are like behind the scenes. Charlie seems to be losing his standing with both men through his actions, not because of his brilliance. Can't wait to see what comes of the whole visit from Dr. Bohr and if the dynamics between the men will change.

Other random observations:

- Not interested in seeing Callie and Dunlavey possibly having a relationship. Just no, please.

- I was so appalled by one of Abby's "friends" commenting about the American Indian's inability to speak English and that for 10,000 years living in this country, they still don't know how to speak it. Excuse you, bitch. Americans are the ones who invaded the Indians' country and turned them into slaves. How about you learn their language because they were before you?

- Meeks, Fritz, and Helen freaking out when Dr. Bohr visited their office was very funny. Meeks unable to speak was the funniest moment of the episode: "Dr. Nohr. Noctor Door. Niels."

- Interesting conversation between Crosley and the MP about scientists and soldiers and as to who is more essential. Frank is right in that scientists are soldiers during times of war.

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December 2014

Is it big enough?

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August 2014

Quand on aime les sciences et que l'on est scientifique, on ne peut qu'aimer cette série!

When you love science and you are a scientist, you can only love this series!

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April 2015

Wow j'aime bien même si parfois je comprend pas tout ce qu'ils disent

Wow I like even though sometimes I do not understand everything they say

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August 2014

Vraiment géniale cette série ! Il y a tout pour plaire !

Really great this series! It has it all!

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August 2014

le meilleur des 4 premiers épisodes pour moi!

the best of the first 4 episodes for me!

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December 2015

en lo cíclico se encuentra un poco de evolución. tantas veces volver al mismo lugar hace que empecemos a conocer el camino. ese camino que al principio es guerra y al final es sabiduría y paz y otra vez al principio guerra. porque nuevos inexpertos hombres nacen, porque los sabios mueren.
lo maravilloso es el camino, que es siempre el mismo.

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July 2018

My favorite episode so far. I'm so glad Paul didn't disappoint me!

My favorite episode so far. I'm so glad Paul didn't disappoint me!
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December 2015

J'aime la prise de conscience de Liza !! Ne lâche rien !!

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November 2014

Bien cette épisode !

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January 2019

Les fleurs poussent même dans le désert

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March 2017

Greatest of the series so far. Niels Bohr's speech was excellent. The insight into Frank's past was very welcome. It allowed us to better comprehend Frank's state of mind. His background as a soldier is the reason for which he's so adamant about saving a couple of weeks. Having seen action, he knows perfectly well what a couple of weeks mean in war. I also love how they are using the high pitch sounds when things get intense.

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