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Great episode.
Liza was the best on my opinion.
And Abby, and Callie, and Sid's wife... [Read more]

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The Understudy
WGN America
The Understudy (S01E10) is the tenth episode of season one of "Manhattan" released on Sun ... More The Understudy (S01E10) is the tenth episode of season one of "Manhattan" released on Sun Sep 28, 2014. Over 451 TV Time users rated it a 7.06/10 with their favorite characters being Rachel Brosnahan as Abby Isaacs, Olivia Williams as Liza Winter and John Benjamin Hickey as Frank Winter.
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16 reactions

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October 2014

Great episode.
Liza was the best on my opinion.
And Abby, and Callie, and Sid's wife

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March 2015

Toujours aussi géniale

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September 2015

Very good episode, finally they made a step in the Manhattan Project

Very good episode, finally they made a step in the Manhattan Project
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April 2016

Charlie and Helen: OTP of my life

Charlie and Helen: OTP of my life
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January 2016

stupenda serie storica

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December 2014

Super épisode du début a la fin !

Super episode from start to finish!

See original
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March 2016

Is she the first to notice? 😨

Is she the first to notice? 😨
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November 2014

Cut the crap.. With the love. We want to see the bomb!!!!

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July 2017

This show has really come into its own and was probably one of the most underrated shows to have aired the past few years. This episode was utilized most of its cast again and put them all to excellent use. Lots of storylines to talk about here, so let me get started.

Abby discovering herself and accepting who she is was fantastic to see. She no longer wants to be who everyone wants her to be: she wants to do what she wants; be with whomever she wants; and she won’t let society or rules limit what she can or can’t do. No more of the old Abby. Her going to Elodie’s place at the end of the episode was the first step to acceptance.

She wanted to end things with Elodie, but after reading the book Elodie gave her and after Elodie told her that life is short and to not limit what makes her happy, Abby decided to take a leap and see where this newfound relationship with Elodie takes her. Now there’s no assurances that this won’t end in heartbreak for too many people when their relationship becomes public, but for now, she’s living her life to the fullest, something that she hasn’t done before.

Sid Liao’s wife coming to the compound seeking answers for Sid’s death was so sad. To be told that her husband was a spy and that he was shot because of it was just insensitive of the G2 character. The fact that this was an outright lie even makes it more sad. Will Meeks ask Frank about why he feels guilty for Sid’s death? Does Meeks suspect somehow that Frank was the one who gave up Sid to the G2?

I still not fond of the Callie and Dunlavey storyline, but it’s nice to see the two of them finding each other and forming this kindship/relationship despite the circumstances. If the show wants to me to get invested in this relationship, they need to show me scenes like Callie bringing the Bible to the soldier’s camp and writing that message for Dunlavey. I just don’t want their relationship to be about sex, there has to be substance there.

Poor Liza being paranoid like that and burning everything in their house because she believes they’re all radioactive. Maybe her getting that job at the clinic was not the best for her after all. Her paranoia has just skyrocketed now that she’s seen what’s going on in The Hill for herself. Of course, she has every reason to worry, but I hope her paranoia doesn’t get her or Frank in trouble.

Frank (with Charlie’s paper’s help) figuring out how to make implosion work was awesome! I love watching these two scientists put their brilliant minds together because it is a thing of beauty. I really hope this is a sign of good things to come, at least on getting the bomb built. Lazar as part of the group was also great because he helped come up with the solution as well.

Babbit going off on Frank for hiding the fact that he has Thin Man secretly working on the implosion numbers was a surprise. I didn’t realize that this is a serious offense that could very well put their work and the entire team, including Thin Man, in jeopardy. Frank really should have discussed this with Babbit, not to ask for permission, but to tell him about the plan. Lousy move on Frank’s part, for sure.

Other random observations:

– Abby telling Elodie about what Tom did and Elodie saying that he’s going to kill him was very interesting. Will we see Elodie confront Tom about this? I want there to be a follow-up scene.

– Helen kissing Charlie after he tells her the good news is making me think that the writers are most likely going to have these two become more than colleagues sometime soon and I won’t mind it one bit. They’re great together.

– Dunlavey is turning out to be an okay guy after all. I liked that he had Meeks “arrested” to tell him that Sid’s wife is in the compound so he can get a chance to talk to her.

– Loved Charlie’s smile when Frank gave him a tiny compliment: “He lifted one idea, but his paper was solid.” Charlie really craves Frank’s approval and it's quite endearing. Kinda like a son seeking his father's approval.

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January 2015

Lucia Micarelli ??

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