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Episode 2 2
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Monday at SBS (KR) 1 seasons Ended
Hymn of Death is a 30 minute drama-mini-series-romance starring Shin Hye Sun as Yun Sim Deok, Lee Jong Suk as Kim Woo Jin and Lee Ji Hoon as Hang Nam Pa. The series premiered on Tue Nov 27, 2018 on SBS (KR) and Episode 6 (S01E06) last aired on Tue Dec 04, 2018.
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4 weeks ago

Did somebody noticed that Lee Jongsuk's face changed ??? Or is it just me

7 replies
2 weeks ago

최하리🎄 yeah exactly, something's wrong with his nose. Don't know if it is because of surgery or not🤔 to be honest i liked his old face more.

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2 weeks ago

Doesn't matter though, i'm still gonna support him

2 weeks ago

KimShin same I liked his face more before. And yeah let's support him no matter what looks aren't always the most important❤

2 days ago

yeah he did surgery, but I think he's still beautiful tho

2 weeks ago

There are only 2 episodes airing every week and it’s based on a true story👍(seems like a sad ending😢)
Also episode 3&4 didn’t even air so staff team can you please fix it🙇‍♀️

2 replies
5 days ago

Do you know the title of the book (of the true story) ? I want to read it!!

5 weeks ago

ما حبيت البطلين يكونون سوا 😕
ماش ما تخيلتهم ثنائي يرفرفون القلب ويحمسون ☹️

3 replies
4 weeks ago

بس lee jong suk تمثيل كتيرر حلو

4 weeks ago

kadri200 اكيد اكيد، تمثيله جميل جدًا واتابع مسلسلاته دائمًا، لكن ما حبيت اختيار الثنائي ☹️ اكيد فاهمه اش اقصد!

4 weeks ago

BayanAW اههه صحح الثنائي مو زابطين مع بعض

5 days ago

Jongsuk nunca decepciona, esse mini dorama é lindo, perfeito... simplesmente me apaixonei pela história dos personagens, suas lutas, tudo e apesar do final trágico continuou maravilhoso.

Jongsuk never disappoints, this mini drama is beautiful, perfect ... I just fell in love with the story of the characters, their struggles, everything and despite the tragic ending, it's still wonderful.

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