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The Pied Piper of R&B 1
Hiding In Plain Sight 2
Sex Tape Scandal 3
Daily at Lifetime (US) 1 seasons Ended
Surviving R. Kelly is a 45 minute documentary-mini-series . The series premiered on Thu Jan 03, 2019 on Lifetime (US) and Black Girls Matter (S01E06) last aired on Sat Jan 05, 2019.
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  • Erich Laroy
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2 weeks ago

Love to those incredible women who came forward. We believe and support you.

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2 weeks ago

At times like this I wish I was illiterate like R Kelly so I couldn't read the nonsense being spouted in support of him.

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2 weeks ago

So this is trending, when 13 years ago The Boondocks did an episode on R. Kelly. Why the fuss now when he should have been caught while he was recording albums.

So this is trending, when 13 years ago The Boondocks did an episode on R. Kelly. Why the fuss now when he should have been caught while he was recording albums.

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6 replies
2 weeks ago

He is still making music. He is still touring. More people are coming forward. That's why there is 'fuss now'

2 weeks ago

As I said more people are coming forward. He's paid people off previously.
Do you think it's OK for him to continue to walk free whilst destroying lives.
Documentaries are there to raise awareness. A lot of the girls he is dealing with weren't born in the early 90s.

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2 weeks ago

You really doing this at 5:39am. First and foremost I haven’t defended R. Kelly whatsoever. He’s going to continue to walk free because the trial already happened. This documentary isn’t raising anything new on the surface that wasn’t already in the public. Do you research sista because this is a distraction and you continue to babble about it. Lastly if you were born in ‘78 based on your username you should know better than me. These publications that are in this documentary had Kelly on covers and had him perform at their events (Ebony/Essence mags).

2 weeks ago

It's 11 in the morning where I am. I'm based in the UK. No where have I said you're defending him. I do get bored by people using its a distraction. The documentary took time to be made. Research was done. Legal teams were consulted.
For all we know it could all be part of building a more solid case against him.
In terms of new things I didn't know Aaliyah was allegedly pregnant. There were lots of other revelations for us.

2 weeks ago

I can understand if you didn’t know this information but there was one just like this called “An Open Secret” based around “white” pedophiles in Hollywood but this documentary is no where to be found on the internet nor in actual stores. Why didn’t the media bring light to this when taking about sexual abuse.

2 weeks ago

It’s about time people realized the damage this man has done & is still doing.
Why do I feel like R. Kelly has never been found guilty because we, Black people did not want to believe the victims???
Sincere apologies to them 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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2 weeks ago

we are acting like all this is new! and he is not the only one doing this....

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4 days ago

Could anyone tell me where I can watch this TV series?
I can't find it anywhere. I'd like to watch it with italian subs but if you know a site without them it's fine :)

1 replies
3 days ago

Se scopri dove vederla condividi che io ci ho passato tutta la sera ieri ma non sono riuscita a trovare niente

2 days ago

I hate saying that I "like" a show like this because the topic is so horrible. But it was very well done. A lot of blood, sweat, & tears went into making the series & it shows. I hope this brings some accountability & realization to people about the entertainment industry.

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1 weeks ago

I’m definitely against women being sexually assault etc but for these women to come out years later is ridiculous to me. The same incident with women coming out over 20+ years later regarding Bill Cosby. I’m not condoning what he did is right but there young women and women have had plenty of time to process and come out against him. Meanwhile we the community are still supporting him the whole time this is going on. So why complain now #RKelly

3 replies
6 days ago

Did you even watch to the end? Some of them were literally abused last year.

6 days ago

It's appropriate to complain now because HE'S STILL DOING IT.

5 days ago

Oh fuck off, these women were children going against a celebrity that still gets support even TODAY while that piece of shit is releasing music and touring and he is STILL abusing people. They should complain now because now they actually have a chance of getting justice.
Unfortunaetly he can't get death penalty but at least he should rot in jail for the rest of his pathetic life.

3 days ago

Je cherche désespérément le format VOSTFR ou dans le meilleur des cas, la version Française (qui n'existe pas mais il me plait de rêver 😑)

0 reply

No spoiler here R. Kelly is a nasty, abusive pervert. Not only am I disgusted by his heinous acts but by the people around him who helped and still helps this man. They should all do time right along with him!

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