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Simpson Tide
Simpson Tide (S09E19) is the nineteenth episode of season nine of "The Simpsons" released ... More Simpson Tide (S09E19) is the nineteenth episode of season nine of "The Simpsons" released on Sun Mar 29, 1998. Over 489 TV Time users rated it a 7.32/10 with their favorite characters being Dan Castellaneta as Homer Simpson, Nancy Cartwright as Bart Simpson|Nelson Muntz|Todd Flanders|Ralph Wiggum|Kearney and Dan Castellaneta as Homer Simpson|Abraham Simpson|Krusty the Clown|Sideshow Mel|Groundskeeper Willie|Barney Gumble|Joe Quimby|Itchy|Kodos|Hans Moleman.
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November 2017

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November 2015

esse ep tem um trecho da melodia da música garota de Ipanema!! muito massa

this ep is an excerpt from the melody of the song Girl from Ipanema !! very cool

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October 2017

"Full metal jacket" 's reference

"Full metal jacket" 's reference
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March 2016

Puntata fantastica, satira e citazioni a non finire

Stake fantastic, satire and quotations to no end

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June 2018


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