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B-Team: Episode Two
B-Team: Episode Two (S14E00) is the zeroth episode of season fourteen of "Grey's Anatomy&q... More B-Team: Episode Two (S14E00) is the zeroth episode of season fourteen of "Grey's Anatomy" released on Thu Jan 11, 2018. Over 884 TV Time users rated it a 7.62/10 with their favorite characters being Jake Borelli as Levi Schmitt, Jeanine Mason as Sam Bello and Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey.
  • Davy Gabard
  • Finanas
  • yayushiina
& 244,782 people watched this episode
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December 2018

What’s up with those B-Team episodes? And why doesn’t it show any comments even though there are supposed to be 7...?

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November 2018

por que isso ta no meio dos ep de greys? aff

Why is it in the middle of the eps of grays? aff

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last month

I actually like Levi. He’s my favourite intern of this batch.

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December 2018

São esses mini episódios que acrescentaram galera

It's these mini-episodes that added folks

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São esses mini episódios que acrescentaram galera
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January 2019

Que episódios são esses que eu nunca ouvi falar? Vim marcar que assisti o mais recente e apareceram alguns episódios na temporada passada. Alguém me explica?

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December 2018

Quelqu'un peut m'expliquer ce que c'est et surtout comment on fait pour voir ce type d'épisode ?

Can someone explain to me what it is and especially how do you do to see this type of episode?

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November 2018

Qualcuno può spiegarmi cosa sono questi episodi?

Can someone explain to me what these episodes are?

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