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Sorry, Harvey
Sorry, Harvey (S04E04) is the fourth episode of season four of "Entourage" released on Sun... More Sorry, Harvey (S04E04) is the fourth episode of season four of "Entourage" released on Sun Jul 08, 2007. Over 577 TV Time users rated it a 8/10 with their favorite characters being Jeremy Piven as Ari Gold, Kevin Dillon as Drama 'Johnny' Chase and Kevin Connolly as Eric Murphy.
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August 2018

There were multiple moments in this episode that made 2018 me wince. And I really need “Harvey” to stop appearing on this show, one more appearance is fine if it consists of him getting shit on by everyone and nobody giving a fuck what he has to say.

It’s so gross that the real Harvey acted like that for sooooo long and people just let him. What a spoiled disgusting pig of a person ughhhhh

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June 2016

jajaja al alcalde le toco con sorpresa

lol the mayor touched her with surprise

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