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Fore! (S06E05) is the fifth episode of season six of "Entourage" released on Sun Aug 09, 2... More Fore! (S06E05) is the fifth episode of season six of "Entourage" released on Sun Aug 09, 2009. Over 540 TV Time users rated it a 7.82/10 with their favorite characters being Emmanuelle Chriqui as Sloan, Kevin Dillon as Drama 'Johnny' Chase and Jeremy Piven as Ari Gold.
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December 2015

I wanna vote for Tom Brady!

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July 2015

Drama qui joue au Golf et fracasse le club d'un mec celebre Tom Brady ( le mec de Gisele Bundchen)
Ari qui s'est fait mettre à l'amende par sa femme , je les aime trop ces gars 😋

Drama who plays golf club and smashes a famous guy Tom Brady (the guy Gisele Bundchen)
Ari has been done to fine by his wife, I love these guys too ?

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February 2018

Il m'a éclatée Turtle! D'abord il veut se faire Tom Brady et ensuite, il est trop content de bouffer chez lui & Gisele!!!! Quel numéro ce mec 😂

He broke me Turtle! First he wants to be Tom Brady and then he is too happy to eat at home & Gisele !!!! What number this guy 😂

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last month

i think Ashley is the cutest character in this show I like her 😍

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