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Ahh mas foi um episódio tão fofo!! Gabrielle é uma ótima contadora de história *-*... [Read more]

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Athens City Academy of the Performing Bards
Athens City Academy of the Performing Bards (S01E13) is the thirteenth episode of season one of &quo... More Athens City Academy of the Performing Bards (S01E13) is the thirteenth episode of season one of "Xena: Warrior Princess" released on Mon Jan 22, 1996. Over 318 TV Time users rated it a 6.3/10 with their favorite characters being Lucy Lawless as Xena, Renee O'Connor as Gabrielle and Hudson Leick as Callisto.
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April 2017

Ahh mas foi um episódio tão fofo!! Gabrielle é uma ótima contadora de história *-*

Ahh but it was such a cute episode !! Gabrielle is a great storyteller * - *

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March 2015

Uomo: "Fare l'aedo non è cosa per donne: racconti di faccende domestiche non interessano a nessuno"
Gab: "Racconti di faccende domestiche?..tsk questa poi..."
Xena: "Ho parlato con quell'uomo di Calidone. Laggiù c'è un ciclope che depreda i contadini dei loro armenti. Potremo essere lì domattina. è inutile chiederti se intendi seguirmi.."
Gab: "Quanto dista Atene?" -----> e la faccia di Xena O_O wtf?

Gab: "Non sentirai la mia mancanza"
Xena: "Anche se avessi intorno un'intera armata, sentirei comunque la tua mancanza"

Xena: "[...] parlava di due amici orfani che partirono insieme alla ricerca delle famiglie"
Gab e Xena: "..e quando uno dei due giunse alla fine del suo viaggio si ritrovò come all'inizio"
Gab: "La famiglia che aveva sempre cercato attraversando il mondo, la sola famiglia di cui avesse bisogno era lì con lui, era il volto dell'amico"
Xena: "è stato bello averti accanto. Sei come una sorella per me"

il concorso per aedi: Olimpia tra i giovani Euripide e Omero.

Gab: "Ci si adatta a tutto per amore dell'arte"

Gab: "C'è qualcosa in ognuno di noi che ci spinge a fare del bene, a cercare il bene e fu così anche per la principessa guerriera"

Man: "Making the bard is not for women: tales of housework nobody cares"
Gab: "Tales of housework? .. Tsk this then ..."
Xena: "I spoke with the man of Calydon. Over there there's a Cyclops who plunders the peasants of their herds. We will be there tomorrow morning. It is useless to ask you if you want to follow me .."
Gab: "How far is Athens?" -----> And the face of Xena O_O wtf?

Gab: "I do not feel my lack"
Xena: "Even if I had a whole army around, feel still miss you"

Xena: "[...] spoke of two friends orphans who set out together in search of the families"
Gab and Xena: "..and when one of them came to the end of his journey he found himself as the beginning"
Gab: "The family that had always looked across the world, the only family she needed was there with him, was the face of his friend"
Xena: "It was good to have you next. You're like a sister to me"

the competition for bards: Olimpia among young Euripides and Homer.

Gab: "It fits all for the love of art"

Gab: "There is something in us that drives us to do good, to seek the good and was so even for the warrior princess"

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October 2018

So Gabrielle meets Homer, Euripides, and a guy telling the tale of Spartacus all at once. Without time travel idk how, but a fun episode nonetheless.

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April 2018

Gabrielle j'adore d'entendre raconté les histoires sur Xena

Gabrielle I love to hear told stories about Xena

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August 2017

Homere ! 😍

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