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Callisto (S01E22) is the twenty-second episode of season one of "Xena: Warrior Princess" r... More Callisto (S01E22) is the twenty-second episode of season one of "Xena: Warrior Princess" released on Mon May 13, 1996. Over 294 TV Time users rated it a 8.88/10 with their favorite characters being Lucy Lawless as Xena, Hudson Leick as Callisto and Renee O'Connor as Gabrielle.
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January 2017

Simply love the character of Callisto

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September 2015

Love Callisto, classic Xena episode

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March 2015

Callisto & Joxer

Callisto: "Sono in gamba. In gamba quanto te. Del resto, sei tu che mi hai creata"

Xena: "Era uno dei tanti posti da conquistare. Niente di straordinario. Solo che scoppiò un incendio [...] A quei tempi la mia armata si macchiava anche della morte di donne e bambini. Sopravvissero solo pochissime persone, alle fine. E fra queste una era lei, Callisto"
Gab: "E ora non sogna nient'altro che la vendetta"
Xena: "Non è colpa sua"
Xena: "Ho capito cosa sarei diventata e sono riuscita a cambiare. Ma se dovesse accadere qualcosa a mia madre, a Hercules, oppure a te, anche io forse farei lo stesso"
Gab: "Tu devi promettermi che se succederà qualcosa a me, non ti trasformerai in un mostro. C'è solo un modo per porre fine alla spirale dell'odio: con l'amore"
Xena: "Cerca di non cambiare mai, Olimpia. Mi piaci così come sei"
scena molto commovente

Callisto & Joxer

Callisto: "They are smart. In the leg as you. After all, it is you who have created me"

Xena: "It was one of many places to win. Nothing fancy. Just that a fire broke out [...] At the time, my army is also stained for the deaths of women and children. They survived only very few people, at the end. And among these was a she, Callisto "
Gab: "And now nothing but dreams of revenge"
Xena: "It's not his fault"
Xena: "I know what I would be and I was able to change. But if something were to happen to my mother, to Hercules, or to you, maybe even I would do the same"
Gab: "You must promise me that if anything happens to me, do not turn into a monster. There is only one way to end the spiral of hatred with love"
Xena: "Try not to ever change, Gabrielle. I like you the way you are"
very moving scene

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February 2015

Calisto elle tue trop. Entre elle et Xena je peux pas choisir.
Le joker au feminin

Calisto it kills too. Between her and Xena I can not choose.
The wild card in female

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April 2018

Callisto... Fait attention Xéna.

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