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For Him the Bell Tolls
For Him the Bell Tolls (S02E16) is the sixteenth episode of season two of "Xena: Warrior Prince... More For Him the Bell Tolls (S02E16) is the sixteenth episode of season two of "Xena: Warrior Princess" released on Mon Feb 24, 1997. Over 183 TV Time users rated it a 7.28/10 with their favorite characters being Lucy Lawless as Xena, Renee O'Connor as Gabrielle and Ted Raimi as Joxer.
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September 2016

I lovedddddd this two

I lovedddddd this two
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June 2017

Aquele momento que você descobre que o Júlio César é o cupido. Huehue.

That moment you discover that Julius Caesar is the Cupid. Huehue.

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April 2015

Gab: "In tal caso credo ne saresti all'altezza!! Odio questa sua mania di proteggermi"
Joxer: "Dov'è la tua amica?"
Gab: "A fare la guerriera. Io sono l'eterna seconda. Vengo messa da parte quando la fretta incombe"

Aphrodite: "Dai, Cupido..l'amore non è fatto solo di lieti fini. C'è anche l'amore condito di gelosia, c'è l'amore che finisce male, l'amore non corrisposto e se vai a togliere tutti i fronzoli resta solo una questione di sesso, non credi? E non aggrottare la fronte: ti vengono le rughe"

Gab: "In that case I think it would live up to her !! I hate this mania to protect me"
Joxer: "Where is your friend?"
Gab: "What makes the warrior. I am the eternal second. I will put aside when the rush looming"

Aphrodite: "Come on, Cupido..l'amore is not only made of happy endings. There is also the love peppered with jealousy, there is love that ends badly, unrequited love, and if you go to remove all the frills is just a matter of sex, do not you think? And do not frown: you are wrinkles "

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April 2018

Joxer en bourreau des coeurs 😅

Joxer in execution of hearts 😅

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