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Blind Faith
Blind Faith (S02E18) is the eighteenth episode of season two of "Xena: Warrior Princess" r... More Blind Faith (S02E18) is the eighteenth episode of season two of "Xena: Warrior Princess" released on Mon Apr 14, 1997. Over 178 TV Time users rated it a 7.86/10 with their favorite characters being Lucy Lawless as Xena, Renee O'Connor as Gabrielle and Hudson Leick as Callisto.
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April 2015

Palemone: "Eri invincibile"
Xena: "Non so ancora chi sia più cieco tra noi due"

Palemone: "I tuoi occhi come stanno?"
Xena: "Sempre peggio"
Palemone: "La tua amica merita questo?"
Xena: "Darei la mia vita per salvarla"
Palemone: "Gli amici ti rendono vulnerabile"

Gab: "Riesci a vedere?"
Xena: "Non potrei avere visione più leggiadra"

Palemone: "Potevo imparare molto da te e così è stato. Spesso vorremmo essere ciò che non siamo e talvolta finiamo col diventarlo"

Palaemon: "You were invincible"
Xena: "I do not know who is more blind between us"

Palaemon: "Your eyes are like?"
Xena: "Worse and worse"
Palaemon: "Your friend deserves this?"
Xena: "I'd give my life to save it"
Palaemon: "The friends make you vulnerable"

Gab: "Can you see?"
Xena: "I could not be more graceful vision"

Palaemon: "I could learn a lot from you and it did. Often we want to be what we are not and sometimes we end up becoming one"

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April 2018

Xéna devient aveugle ! Heureusement que la ruse l'a aidé ! 😲

Xena goes blind! Fortunately, the trick helped him! 😲

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