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I wish I could vote the Destroyer as best character... All he wanted was dead bodies and warm hugs!... [Read more]

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A Family Affair
A Family Affair (S04E03) is the third episode of season four of "Xena: Warrior Princess" r... More A Family Affair (S04E03) is the third episode of season four of "Xena: Warrior Princess" released on Sat Oct 17, 1998. Over 156 TV Time users rated it a 9.28/10 with their favorite characters being Renee O'Connor as Gabrielle, Lucy Lawless as Xena and Ted Raimi as Joxer.
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August 2015

I wish I could vote the Destroyer as best character... All he wanted was dead bodies and warm hugs!

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December 2017

Eis que encontra o amor da sua vida!! 💙💙💙💙💙

Behold, you find the love of your life !! (I.e.

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Eis que encontra o amor da sua vida!! 💙💙💙💙💙
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April 2015

Gab / Speranza: “Non posso credere che tu sia qui”
Xena: “Niente e nessuno può separarmi da te”

Gab / Speranza: “Mi sei mancata Xena”

Xena: “Che schifo! Ti dovresti tagliare le unghie”
Xena: “è il Distruttore. Se quell'essere è il Distruttore significa che quell'essere che noi crediamo Olimpia, è Speranza”

Corilo: “Un graffio glielo avrai fatto”
Xena: “No, niente. Volevo solo che Speranza sapesse che era ferito”

Erodoto: “Gettare al vento la sua vita per niente, ovvero per te”
Ecuba: “Se cerchi Olimpia, è fuori a passeggiare”
Erodoto: “Senza di te”
Xena: “Senza di me”
Erodoto: “Senza di te”

Speranza: “Lei mi vuole usare per trovare il tuo rifugio. Xena ha capito chi sono. Eh si”

Xena: Ero così in ansia...Ti ho cercata ovunque che..”
Gab: “Hai pensato che fossi morta?”
Xena: “Si”
Gab: “Che altro potevi pensare..”
Xena: “Dovevo avere più fiducia. Doevo capirlo che eri viva”

Xena: “Ero intrappolata in una spirale di violenza e non sapevo come agire, ma cercavo un modo per liberarmene, invocando la mia unica forza..che sei tu”
Gab: “Xena...”
Xena: “è vero. Tu cerchi di trovare il tuo equilibrio, ma per me sei tu la mia forza”
Gab: “No, no, io sono...così smarrita, così spaventata”
Xena: “Lo sono anch'io ma sto cercando delle risposte. Come riusciremo a trovarle non ha importanza, l'importante è non arrendersi. Come sempre”

Gab / Hope: "I can not believe you're here"
Xena: "Nothing can separate me from you"

Gab / Hope: "I missed you Xena"

Xena: "Yuck! You should cut the nails "
Xena: "is the Destroyer. If that being is the Destroyer means that being who we believe Olimpia, is Hope "

Joxer: "A scratch him have done"
Xena: "No, nothing. I just wanted you to know he was wounded Hope "

Herodotus: "Throw to wind down his life for nothing, or for you"
Hecuba: "If you are looking Olimpia, is out for a walk"
Herodotus: "Without you"
Xena: "Without Me"
Herodotus: "Without you"

Hope: "She wants to use to find your refuge. Xena has figured out who I am. Oh yeah "

Xena: I was so anxious ... I've been looking everywhere .. "
Gab: "You thought you were dead?"
Xena: "Yes"
Gab: "What else could you think .."
Xena: "I had to have more confidence. Doevo understand that you were alive "

Xena: "I was trapped in a spiral of violence and did not know how to act, but was looking for a way to get rid of it, invoking my only forza..che you"
Gab: "Xena ..."
Xena: "it is true. You try to find your balance, but to me you are my strength "
Gab: "No, no ... I'm so lost, so scared"
Xena: "So am I, but I'm looking for answers. How we can find them not important, the important thing is not to give up. As always "

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April 2017

Se ter um filho já é uma dor do caralho, imagina um filho cheio de espinhos!!

If having a child is already a pain in the ass, imagine a son full of thorns !!

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January 2019

por um segundo fiquei com medo do monstro

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April 2018

Hope est vivante ? Puis... morte à nouveau 👏

Hope is alive? Then ... dead again 👏

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