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Daughter of Pomira
Daughter of Pomira (S04E11) is the eleventh episode of season four of "Xena: Warrior Princess&q... More Daughter of Pomira (S04E11) is the eleventh episode of season four of "Xena: Warrior Princess" released on Sat Jan 23, 1999. Over 146 TV Time users rated it a 0/10 with their favorite characters being Renee O'Connor as Gabrielle, Lucy Lawless as Xena and Kevin Tod Smith as Ares.
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January 2018

I love how she always see the good in people and understand them!

I love how she always see the good in people and understand them!
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February 2019

Nice episode

Nice episode
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last month

Esse foi o episódio mais puro de todos!

Esse foi o episódio mais puro de todos!
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April 2015

Gab: “Perchè non la lasci stare?”
Mirone: “Salve, fanciullina. Ti do il benvenuto nel mondo della civiltà”
Vanesa / Pilì tira un calcio a
Xena: “Uomo avvisato..”
Mirone: “Ingrata selvaggia. Non apprezzi quello che ti offro. Siete soltanto delle bestie”

Xena: “Soltanto la spada potrà fermarli per sempre”
Mirone: “Intendi guerra all'ultimo sangue?”
Xena: “Intendo eliminarli completamente. Niente prigionieri. Niente condizioni. Completo annientamento”
Mirone: “Sposami”

Mirone: “Oh, così mi piaci”
Xena: “Tu invece no”

Xena: “Per merito tuo sanno che la loro bambini è viva e felice, e non morta, come pensavano. Per merito tuo Vanesa ora ha due famiglie che l'amano e sempre per merito tuo, per la prima volta regna la pace tra noi e i barbari...i barbari di Polikne”
Gab: “Sono stata così brava? E chiamano te eroina!!?”
Xena: “Vuoi prendere il mio posto? Bene, da questo momento tu sarai il braccio ed io la mente”

Gab: "Why do not you leave her alone?"
Myron: "Hello, little girl. I welcome you to the world of civilization "
Vanesa / Pili kicks in
Xena: "Forewarned .."
Myron: "Ungrateful wild. I do not appreciate what I offer. You are only beasts "

Xena: "Only the sword will stop them forever"
Myron: "You mean war to the death?"
Xena: "I intend to eliminate them completely. Nothing prisoners. Nothing conditions. Complete annihilation "
Myron: "Marry me"

Myron: "Oh, well I like you"
Xena: "But you no"

Xena: "For about your know that their child is alive and happy, and not dead, as they thought. For about your Vanesa now has two families who love him and always thanks to you, for the first time there is peace between us and the barbarians ... the barbarians of Polikne "
Gab: "I was so good? And you call heroin !!? "
Xena: "You want to take my place? Well, by this time you will be the arm and I thought "

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