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Gifted (S02E08) is the eighth episode of season two of "Daria" released on Mon Jun 29, 199... More Gifted (S02E08) is the eighth episode of season two of "Daria" released on Mon Jun 29, 1998. Over 396 TV Time users rated it a 7.5/10 with their favorite characters being Wendy Hoopes as Jane Lane, Tracy Grandstaff as Daria Morgendorffer and Janie Mertz as Sandi Griffin.
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November 2015

Quinn interacting with the Lane's: Best part of all... After this: "You're still boring and miserable! Try taking your head out of your butt for once and opening up your myopic little eyes. Or doesn't your 165 I.Q. make you smart enough to see the way you really are?" I love this show.

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June 2016

"A promise is a promise"
"Really? So I can have that pony now?"

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February 2016

"- Ce n'est qu'une visite !
- C'est ce qu'on a dit a JFK."

"- This is only a visit!
- This is said to JFK. "

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December 2016

Daria rispecchia esattamente l'ideale di nichilismo passivo.
A questo punto mi chiedo quanto sia effettivamente giusto prendere la vita in quel modo...
La parte in cui Jodie sputtana i tizi della scuola privata è meravigliosa AHAHAHAH

Daria exactly reflects the ideal of passive nihilism.
At this point I wonder what is actually right to take the life that way ...
The part where Jodie disgraced the dudes of the private school is wonderful AHAHAHAH

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