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One J at a Time
One J at a Time (S05E08) is the eighth episode of season five of "Daria" released on Mon M... More One J at a Time (S05E08) is the eighth episode of season five of "Daria" released on Mon May 21, 2001. Over 330 TV Time users rated it a 7.66/10 with their favorite characters being Tracy Grandstaff as Daria Morgendorffer, Russell Hankin as Tom Sloane and Julian Rebolledo as Jake Morgendorffer.
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September 2016

helen morgendorffer is a great mom

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September 2017


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July 2017

this episode was nice i like seeing the family all together

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April 2017

Los diálogos de este capítulo son de los mejores.. oh! Mira tallos de apio

The dialogues in this chapter are among the best .. oh! Look at stalks of celery

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November 2018

Quinn trying to decide on a boyfriend 😂😂😂

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May 2018

I'm a bit sad that they abandoned their girls. Would've been great if they all had those activities together.

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October 2017

Voir toute la famille comme ça c’est juste magnifique

See the whole family like that it's just beautiful

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