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An Ounce of Prevention
The WB
An Ounce of Prevention (S04E13) is the thirteenth episode of season four of "Everwood" rel... More An Ounce of Prevention (S04E13) is the thirteenth episode of season four of "Everwood" released on Thu Mar 30, 2006. Over 115 TV Time users rated it a 0/10 with their favorite characters being Treat Williams as Dr. Andrew ''Andy'' Brown , Gregory Smith as Ephram Brown and Sarah Drew as Hannah Rogers.
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  • Julien Ximénès
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January 2017

Um dos melhores episódios da série

One of the best episodes of the series

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July 2016

"eu não preciso de mais razões para fazer com que as pessoas me odeiem"
"ninguém odeia você, Kyle. Agora mesmo a única pessoa que te odeia é você mesmo"

Que episódio mais lindo e que diálogo mais lindo do kyle com o ephram < 3 sabe q eu sentia mesmo falta de um personagem gay na série? e achei ótimo como mostraram isso pelo kyle por ser ele um garoto de uns 15 anos???? e fazer cair por terra a ideia q algumas pessoas tem q gay é "modinha" como o próprio Ephram tava no começo naquela conversa com o Reid de "ele é jovem demais para ser gay. Ele nunca beijou uma garota, ele tem q provar pra saber não é?" e o que reid maravilhosamente respondeu "por quê? você tem que beijar um cara para saber que é hétero?" enfim, gostei muito

"I do not need more reasons to make people hate me"
"Nobody hates you, Kyle. Right now the only person who hates you is yourself"

What a beautiful episode and what a beautiful dialogue with kyle with ephram <3 do you know that I really missed a gay character in the series? And I thought it was great how they showed it for Kyle because he was a boy about 15 years old ???? And make the idea that some people have gay is "modinha" as Ephram himself was at the beginning in that conversation with Reid "he is too young to be gay. He never kissed a girl, he has to taste Know is not it? " And the one who reid wonderfully replied "why, do you have to kiss a guy to know he's straight?" I liked it a lot

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June 2017

This episode was so beautiful

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