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Foreverwood (1)
The WB
Foreverwood (1) (S04E21) is the twenty-first episode of season four of "Everwood" released... More Foreverwood (1) (S04E21) is the twenty-first episode of season four of "Everwood" released on Mon Jun 05, 2006. Over 133 TV Time users rated it a 0/10 with their favorite characters being Vivien Cardone as Delia Brown, Emily VanCamp as Amy Abbott and Chris Pratt as Bright Abbott .
  • HLecter
  • Yann
  • Julien Ximénès
& 18,136 people watched this episode
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December 2015

What amazing episode ❤️

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February 2019

I could have done without the baby plot but this was a beautiful setup for the second half of the episode. I can't imagine filming those scenes and not knowing if you're coming back for another season or getting canceled. The goodbyes felt real to me, most likely because they felt real to the cast as the show was ending.

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