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Strange Attractors
Strange Attractors (S04E07) is the seventh episode of season four of "Heroes" released on ... More Strange Attractors (S04E07) is the seventh episode of season four of "Heroes" released on Mon Oct 26, 2009. Over 1,723 TV Time users rated it a 7.54/10 with their favorite characters being Hayden Panettiere as Claire Bennet, Masi Oka as Hiro Nakamura and Ali Larter as Niki Sanders/Jessica Sanders.
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July 2015

I kinda ship Gretchen and Claire.

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July 2015

Épisode de dingue ! Le niveau remonte bien ça me rappelle la saison 1 tous ces rebondissements ! Pauvre garçon, il m'a fait tellement de peine... Et Matt je me demande ce qu'il va lui arriver ! J'attaque la suite

Episode crazy! The level goes back much it reminds me season 1 all these twists! Poor fellow, he made me so upset ... And Matt I wonder what will happen to him! I attack later

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May 2015

quelle mort cruelle pour le petit ... :(

what a cruel death for breakfast ... :(

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October 2015

Quanto mais novos personagens eles colocam, menos dão a devida importância para os antigos. Cadê a Molly? O Micah?
Fiquei com dó do Jeremy :(
Que droga essa menina invisível.

The more new characters they put less give due importance to the former. Where's Molly? Micah?
I felt sorry Jeremy :(
Damn this invisible girl.

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September 2015

J'aime pas trop cette relation entre Claire et Gretchen

I do not like this relationship between Claire and Gretchen

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March 2016

Now i see why the show got canceled 😕
But still love it 😘

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February 2018

Iris West... esperando Barry Allen aparecer na terra de heroes

Iris West... esperando Barry Allen aparecer na terra de heroes
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June 2017

Varie considerazioni su quest'episodio:
1- Suresh che fine ha fatto?
2- Sylar nel "ruolo" di Matt mi fa morire
3- tutti shippavamo Claire con Peter e invece sono parenti e lei è corteggiata da Gretchen
Mai una gioia belli miei, mai una gioia.

Various considerations on this episode:
1- Suresh what happened?
2- Sylar in Matt's "role" makes me die
3- We all shipped Claire with Peter and instead they are relatives and she is courted by Gretchen
Never a beautiful joy of mine, never a joy.

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November 2017

Thank you Samuel 😭😔

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August 2017

Matt à perdu la bataille contre Sylar va t'il perdre la guerre

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