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Lizards (S02E02) is the second episode of season two of "Heroes" released on Mon Oct 01, 2... More Lizards (S02E02) is the second episode of season two of "Heroes" released on Mon Oct 01, 2007. Over 2,434 TV Time users rated it a 8.36/10 with their favorite characters being Milo Ventimiglia as Peter Petrelli, Hayden Panettiere as Claire Bennet and Masi Oka as Hiro Nakamura.
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October 2015

Abuela !
from Jane the virgin .

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September 2015

She didn't need that toe anyways. :-)

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December 2016

Peter et Claire sont toujours mes personnages préférés. Bon début de saison 2👍

Peter and Claire are still my favorite characters. Good start to season 2👍

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March 2016

Oh damn... Peter don't play with my feelings like that 😂

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March 2016

Claire cutting her toe off was disgusting why would someone do that

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September 2015

Cadê a mulher do Parkman?
Haitiano is back, bitchs!
Mr. Mugles é tão engraçadinho!
Claire é masoquista, hein? Credo!

Where is Parkman's wife?
Haitian is back, bitchs!
Mr. Mugles is so cute!
Claire is masochistic, huh? Creed!

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July 2016

Petrelli dove hai nascosto i tuoi capelli? Li rivorrei indietro per favore.

Petrelli where you hid your hair? Li rivorrei back please.

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October 2015

it's absurd that after all that has happened, Clare is still the talk!
So you really want to die!

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June 2016

Vi prego fate tornare a memoria a Peter!! Resta sempre un grande ma con la memoria sarebbe molto meglio. Solo nel mio computer gli episodio di questa stagione sono meta in inglese con sottotitoli e meta in italiano?

Please do come back to memory at Peter !! It is always great but the memory would be much better. Only in my computer the episode of this season are a destination in English with subtitles in Italian and goal?

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February 2016

omg Claire

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September 2017

Lo más probable es que haya sido el Haitiano quién le haya borrado los recuerdos a Peter. ¿Quien más pudo ser? No puedo creer que no pensara en eso antes.

Aparte, ese collar es del Haitiano. ¿Pero cual es el significado real? Simplemente no me creo que sea una coincidencia, esta evolución y compañía existe desde hace mucho.

La cantidad de poderes que tiene Peter y que Él aún no sabe. Aún más para creer que tiene el de Nicky.

Me encanta la historia de Hiro y el nuevo descubrimiento.

Estoy muy interesada en el poder de Maya y la relación con su hermano, lo quiero saber todo de ellos.

Me dio un poco de náuseas la escena en la que Clare se cortó el dedo.

Most likely it was the Haitian who had erased memories of Peter. Who else could it be? I can not believe I did not think about that before.

Besides, that necklace is Haitian. But what is the real meaning? I just do not think it's a coincidence, this evolution and company has existed for a long time.

The amount of powers that Peter has and that He does not yet know. Even more to believe that he has Nicky's.

I love the story of Hiro and the new discovery.

I am very interested in the power of Maya and the relationship with her brother, I want to know everything about them.

The scene in which Clare cut her finger gave me a little nausea.

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July 2017

Suresh en infiltré prend de gros risques si la compagnie le découvre.

Suresh infiltrated takes big risks if the company finds out.

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