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I understand why Owen did what he did, but it's very sad. That poor innocent creature. This episode really did show how cruel humans can be.... [Read more]

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Meat (S02E04) is the fourth episode of season two of "Torchwood" released on Wed Feb 06, 2... More Meat (S02E04) is the fourth episode of season two of "Torchwood" released on Wed Feb 06, 2008. Over 834 TV Time users rated it a 8.18/10 with their favorite characters being Kai Owen as Rhys Williams, Burn Gorman as Owen Harper and John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness.
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37 reactions

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February 2015

I understand why Owen did what he did, but it's very sad. That poor innocent creature. This episode really did show how cruel humans can be.

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December 2016

I just can't stop thinking about Doctor Who..."we all depend on the beast below"

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October 2016

Forse uno dei miei episodi preferiti finora.
Ma non capisco quest'ambiguità tra Gwen e Jack, mentre parallelamente ci danno la Janto.
Dove vogliono andare a parare?

Maybe one of my favorite episodes so far.
But I do not understand this ambiguity between Gwen and Jack, while at the same time giving us Janto.
Where do they want to go parade?

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April 2017

"This is quite homoerotic" my new favourite sentence!

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January 2015

I understand Rhy's frustration, and I felt so bad for this creature. It was heartbreaking.

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May 2016

Aff Toshiko, deixa de correr atrás de quem não te valoriza.

Conheço muitas Toshiko por aí!

Aff Toshiko, stop chasing after those who do not value you.

I know a lot of Toshiko out there!

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July 2016

I don't like all this hints at a Owen/Tosh relationship...

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September 2015

fiquei mais triste pela baleinha do que pelo rhys, tenho que confessar... não mexam com os animais :(

n vejo necessidade da pílula, afinal, ele aceitou tudo tão bem no final das contas.... mas é claro que a ghen tem que dar um showzinho básico. insuportável d+

toshiko sendo trouxa pelo owen, meu deussss

I was more sorry for baleinha than by Rhys, I have to confess ... do not go after the animals :(

n see no need of the pill, after all, he accepted everything so well after all .... but of course that Ghen have to give a basic little show. unbearable d +

toshiko being backpack by owen, my deussss

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June 2014

So sad for this poor creature

So sad for this poor creature

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July 2017

Questo episodio mi ha tanto ricordato Doctor who per il modo in cui Jack si comporta con la "bestia". Infatti egli riconosce che nonostante sia un semplice alieno non per questo è meno importante, bisogna salvarlo a tutti i costi. Ma Torchwood non ha mai un happy ending e anche questo episodio termina tristemente .
Non tollero molto questo rapporto romantico fra Jack e Gwen, tantomeno quello fra Gwen e Rhis. In pratica Gwen mi sta troppo sulle scatole! xD

This episode reminded me of Doctor who because of the way Jack behaves with the "beast". In fact, he recognizes that despite being a simple alien is not less important for this, we must save it at all costs. But Torchwood never has a happy ending and even this episode ends sadly.
I do not tolerate this romantic relationship between Jack and Gwen, much less that between Gwen and Rhis. In practice Gwen is too much on the boxes! xD

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December 2016

É de cortar o coração as cenas da criatura

It is heart-wrenching the scenes of the creature

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August 2015

so many feelings

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February 2018

Na hora de usar a pílula da amnésia pra contar que traia o cara ninguém deu esse showzinho né Gwen 🙄🙄🙄

At the time of using the pill of amnesia to tell that betrayed the guy nobody gave this showzé né Gwen 🙄🙄🙄

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September 2015

Tem que ser mais pulso firme Jack, qual é... haha

It has to be more firm grip Jack, what is ... haha

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