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Dear Gwen
Please stay with Rhys. Jack belongs to Ianto.
With love, fans of Torchwood.... [Read more]

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BBC Three
Adam (S02E05) is the fifth episode of season two of "Torchwood" released on Wed Feb 13, 20... More Adam (S02E05) is the fifth episode of season two of "Torchwood" released on Wed Feb 13, 2008. Over 863 TV Time users rated it a 8.9/10 with their favorite characters being Gareth David-Lloyd as Ianto Jones, John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness and Burn Gorman as Owen Harper.
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April 2016

Dear Gwen
Please stay with Rhys. Jack belongs to Ianto.
With love, fans of Torchwood.

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October 2015


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February 2015

I always enjoy seeing episodes that give us a chance to learn more about Jack Harkness and where we, the fans, get a glimpse into his past. Great episode. Very emotional.

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November 2015

I love that Gwen finally admitted her feelings for Jack, even if none of them remember.

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March 2016

Tosh could Never fall in love with an actual good real person ^^ poor her ^^

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December 2016

What he did to Ianto and Tosh was bloody horrific. No one hurts my precious little favs!

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December 2014

e il povero Rhys rimarrà con un trauma irrisolto?

Rhys and the poor will remain with unresolved trauma?

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January 2015

Gwen's frightened reaction to Rhys seemed so real and genuine! She is such a great actor!

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September 2015

amei esse episódio, a gente ainda tem muita coisa pra ver sobre o jack e ele é incrível!!!

esse adam me lembrou muito o gabriel de supernatural, não sei porquê dkfjhak

a coisa que eu mais amei no episódio, de longe, foi ver o owen sendo otário pela tosh e ela dando uma de superior, PARECE QUE O JOGO VIROU NÃO É MESMO]?????

loved this episode, we still have a lot to see on the jack and it is amazing !!!

adam this reminded me a lot gabriel supernatural, do not know why dkfjhak

the thing I loved most in the episode, by far, was seeing the owen being sucker for tosh and giving it a higher, IT APPEARS THAT BECAME THE GAME IS NOT EVEN] ?????

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August 2017

But what about Rhys memories ? He has see Adam...

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May 2017

Cosa abbiamo scoperto in questo episodio? Che Jack viveva su Mos Eisley. Mi chiedo se avrà incontrato anche Luke Skywalker...

What did we find out in this episode? Jack lived on Mos Eisley. I wonder if he will also meet Luke Skywalker ...

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August 2018

I love that what Jack needed to realise something’s happening is Ianto thinking he’s a killer. He knows Ianto so well ❤️

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October 2015

Forse una delle migliori puntate viste fino ad ora!

Perhaps one of the best bets seen so far!

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January 2017

Muy buena actuación de Ianto. La mejor escena del episodio sin duda.
No entendí que pasa con la caja al final.
Y por último y no por eso menos importante: ¡Que sexy que es Toshiko!

Very good performance by Ianto. The best scene of the episode without a doubt.
I did not understand what happens with the box at the end.
And last but not least: How sexy Toshiko is!

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May 2016

WooooW che episodio strepitoso!!!! 😍😍😍

WooooW what an amazing episode !!!! 😍😍😍

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