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The Gathering
BBC Three
The Gathering (S04E09) is the ninth episode of season four of "Torchwood" released on Fri ... More The Gathering (S04E09) is the ninth episode of season four of "Torchwood" released on Fri Sep 02, 2011. Over 692 TV Time users rated it a 8.84/10 with their favorite characters being John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness, Eve Myles as Gwen Cooper and Alexa Havins as Esther Drummond.
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June 2014

The Blessing is a crack in the Earth?!

The Blessing is a crack in the Earth?!

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January 2017

So glad to see Badass Gwen again, I'd missed her. And it was nice to see some Gwen Jack friend moments too as there haven't been many of them for ages either.

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January 2015

The blonde CSI is soooo bad! And she reminds me of Jennifer Lawrence. :P

Very exciting episode, I felt so sorry for Gwen and the situation with her father.

But seriously, that "crack" in the wall looks like a vajayjay.. I can't un-see it!

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July 2017

Una gocciolina di sangue che cammina e indica la strada? Ma..... Cosa sto guardando?

A drop of blood walking and pointing the way? But ..... What am I looking at?

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April 2017

Por un lado ha estado interesante por el descubrimiento de La Bendición y todo eso. Pero toda la trama del padre de Gwen en este y en los demás capítulos ha sido relleno puro y duro.

On the one hand it has been interesting for the discovery of The Blessing and all that. But the whole plot of Gwen's father in this and the other chapters has been pure and hard stuffing.

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February 2016

Penultimo episodio di questa stagione rivelatasi molto al di sopra delle mie aspettative, molto bene spero in un gran finale

Penultimate episode of this season proved far above my expectations, I hope very well in a grand finale

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February 2017

WTF? O.o
Só quero ver esse final 🤔

WTF? o.o
Just I want to see this end 🤔

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August 2016

eu nem entendi um pouco um direito

I did not understand a bit of a right

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August 2018

Ainda prefiro a torchwood uk, porque essa torchwood us tá no máximo boa. Não chega aos pés da s3

I still prefer torchwood uk, because this torchwood us is at best good. Does not reach the feet of s3

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