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Nana Ōsaki is clearly my favorite character I love her!!❤️❤️... [Read more]

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Nana's Love, NANA's Dream
Nana's Love, NANA's Dream (S01E04) is the fourth episode of season one of "Nana"... More Nana's Love, NANA's Dream (S01E04) is the fourth episode of season one of "Nana" released on Wed Apr 26, 2006. Over 663 TV Time users rated it a 9.14/10 with their favorite characters being Romi Park as Nana Osaki, Kaori as Nana Komatsu and Hidenobu Kiuchi as Ren Honjo.
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May 2017

Nana Ōsaki is clearly my favorite character I love her!!❤️❤️

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September 2016

“Aún no encuentro palabras para describir lo que empecé a sentir aquella noche. Podría llamarlo amor, pero sería injusto decir que fue tan dulce. Fueron celos, envidia, irritación y por supuesto, deseo.
A veces tengo miedo. Temo que el día a día a su lado no sea más que un sueño del que tarde o temprano tendré que despertar. En un mundo tan miserable, su luz era demasiado cegadora. Por mucho que extienda la mano aún ahora algo me dice que jamás llegaré a alcanzarlo.”

"I still can not find words to describe what I started feeling that night. You could call it love, but it would be unfair to say that was so sweet. They were jealousy, envy, irritation and of course, desire.
Sometimes I have fear. I fear the day to day by his side no more than a dream that sooner or later I'll have to wake up. In such a miserable world, its light was too blinding. As much as reach out even now something tells me never get to achieve it. "

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February 2015

che bella la sigla finale di questo anime!

beautiful that the ending of this anime!

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last month

Nana Komatsu needs to grow up like yesterday.

I'm so happy it's Nana Osaki's story time now!!!
She's my hero ❤

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