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Approaching Destruction
Fuji TV
Approaching Destruction (S03E25) is the twenty-fifth episode of season three of "Dragon Ball Z&... More Approaching Destruction (S03E25) is the twenty-fifth episode of season three of "Dragon Ball Z" released on Wed Jul 17, 1991. Over 391 TV Time users rated it a 8.7/10 with their favorite characters being Sean Schemmel as Goku-English, Masako Nozawa as Goku and Jôji Yanami as Narrator.
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January 2017

Hum voyons voir, faisons le compte des incohérences :
* Le chef des namek est mort naturellement donc je ne vois pas pourquoi il serait ressuscité
* La falaise rocheuse où se trouve la demeure du chef des namek s'est effondré dans un épisode précédent si je me souviens bien
* Et enfin je croyais que Shenron ne pouvait ressusciter qu'une personne à la fois aux dernières nouvelles ...
🤔 Orf on est plus à ça près !

Hum let us see, let us count the inconsistencies:
* The leader of the namek died naturally so I do not see why he would have resurrected
* The rocky cliff where the head of the namek is located collapsed in a previous episode if I remember correctly
* And finally I thought that Shenron could only resurrect one person at a time to the latest news ...
🤔 Orf is more to that!

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