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Neither Here Nor There
Neither Here Nor There (S04E01) is the first episode of season four of "Fringe" released o... More Neither Here Nor There (S04E01) is the first episode of season four of "Fringe" released on Fri Sep 23, 2011. Over 1,510 TV Time users rated it a 6.4/10 with their favorite characters being Seth Gabel as Lincoln Lee, Anna Torv as Olivia Dunham and Joshua Jackson as Peter Bishop.
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August 2015

Can I say welcome to the Fringe Division, Agent Lee...?
Great episode, can't wait to figure this all out:)

Can I say welcome to the Fringe Division, Agent Lee...?
Great episode, can't wait to figure this all out:)
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August 2015

Agent Lee 💗

Beside that, what the fuck is happening? Where's Peter? If he never existed why are the two Walters fighting for? Since Peter was the reason. Why are the two worlds against each other??

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August 2016

Hope we'll get some answers soon about how this new timeline exists without Peter...and how they used the machine without him, how the two walters got in fight without peter etc I NEED ANSWERS AND LINCOLN I LOVE YOU (I love alternate lincoln a little more, but still)

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July 2015

I'm serious, we need a "WTF" emotion.

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June 2016

This season started very bitter...

The thought of the original timeline being lost forever is very disturbing.

Anyone else noticed how Walter NEVER leaves the lab? And probably Red Olivia's son was never born. I hope they eventually explain how all the different events led to the machines being turned on and connected...

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January 2016

I like him so much,but WHERE IS PETER?


I like him so much,but WHERE IS PETER? 

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July 2017

This season premiere was not as amazing as the first three season premieres, but it was still very good. Apparently a world without Peter is a very somber world for Olivia and Walter which led to the episode being a quiet affair. It was a nice way to integrate Lincoln within the team and have him be in on the secret regarding Fringe division and the alternate universe.

Walter being a shut in and afraid to leave his lab was so sad to see. Without Peter, he's less of a person and is a lot more prone to outbursts of paranoia and rage. Olivia said this is because he has no one to tether himself to this world and she couldn't be more right. Seeing Walter sleeping in his lab broke my heart. At least he has Astrid to help him with the field work and assist him in the lab.

Meanwhile, Olivia is even more serious and stoic (if that's even possible) than her previous versions. She still has the same no-nonsense attitude about her and distrusts AltLivia as before, but there's just a sadness and this cloud of heaviness about her that is hard to dismiss. On a shallow note, I think Anna Torv looked her best yet in this episode. The hair was definitely doing it for me. I know it looked the same, but there was something about it that was different that made her look even more attractive than usual.

Lincoln just accepting the weirdness of the shapeshifter case and wondering at the alternate universe was a joy to watch. Of course he never met the Fringe team even though we saw him interact with them in season three because Peter never existed and it was with Peter that he mostly interacted with. I felt bad for him for losing his partner, but was glad that Olivia did everything she could to return Robert's body back to his family.

I'm looking forward to how this show will bring back Peter and how they'll explain it. Walter seeing images of Peter means that Peter is not completely gone and his existence is bleeding through this new universe. Wonder what September has looked like he changed his mind at the last minute in ridding Peter for good when he shut down his machine.

Other random thoughts and observations:

- Love the new yellow credits.

- Seeing Olivia getting a brutal beating by that shapeshifter was hard to watch. She got the upper hand at the end, though, by shooting at the shapeshifter five times.

- I got a kick out of Olivia and AltLivia's first scene with both of them accusing each other that they can't be trusted. AltLivia's smirk is so annoying, lol.

- AltLivia was totally checking Lincoln out in that brief scene, wasn't she?

- Nice to see Nathan Miller from The 100 show up again as the FBI agent who was at the lab looking after Walter.

- "Maybe you are just incapable of trusting people." - AltLivia speaking the truth about Olivia.

- "I need to erase someone from time." - Did anyone else get chills when September said this?

- "Who are you people?" - Nice callback to Lincoln saying the same thing in his first appearance in our universe.

- "I know what it's like to have a hole in my life. It's been there ever since I can remember." - Olivia trying to explain Peter's absence without knowing what/who this hole is.

- "Sometimes answers lead to more questions." - This should be the show's motto.

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December 2015

what just happened? im confused. this season 4 is a pain in the ***

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June 2016

Já me disseram que essa temporada tinha uma atmosfera bem diferente, o clima e a personalidade dos personagens iriam mudar completamente, mas não sabia de forma alguma como isso iria acontecer, até ver agora. Realmente, é uma mudança que é sentida em todos eles, até na forma de humor e expressividade do Walter, ou como na inquietação da Olivia que não parece como antes. Isso me deixou bem confuso, acho que, quem não estaria? Contudo, faz total sentido o que comentaram sobre essa mudança. Peter é a razão deles todos estarem assim, foi ele quem os moldou, o Walter e a Olivia que conhecemos, foi ele que fez essas mudanças em todos eles, e sem Peter nesta realidade, é coeso eles estejam irreconhecíveis de certa forma, e depois de me atentar a isso, passei a ver tudo com outros olhos agora. E é triste, não me refiro narrativamente falando, mas por terem chegado a esse ponto, nesse cataclisma. Antes, Walter era o humor de tudo, mas era o Peter que causava isso nele. Que diferença.

No mais, achei a premiere um pouco morna, não por causa dessa tal diferença, o caso do híbrido não convenceu o bastante. O que salvou mesmo foi a adição do Lincoln, que de todo foi muito bem vinda e espero ver ele com mais intensidade na temporada. Os Observadores como sempre não deixam de ser uma peça importante na trama, mas ao que parece, eles serão mais trabalhados daqui para frente, e agora que September se arrependeu de apagar o vestígio de Peter, isso vai causa alguma coisa. Tô curioso para saber.

Nota: Por que Walter está tendo visões sobre Peter? Se ele tinha sido apagado da antiga realidade, por que está ocorrendo esse tipo de vestígio?

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October 2015

Não gostei dessa história do Peter não existir

I did not like that story of Peter does not exist

See original
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June 2015

il conte! <3

il conte! <3
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