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Fire Game
Mikoto confronts Oomichi and finds herself surrounded by hostages strapped with explosive vests. Oom... Más Mikoto confronts Oomichi and finds herself surrounded by hostages strapped with explosive vests. Oomichi stabs Mikoto in a leg and forces her to "play a game" of escaping from the hostages within 10 minutes. Mikoto fails to reason with the hostages and when they try to kill her, she's saved by Chikage, who kills them since they used self-preservation as an excuse to hurt others. Chikage and Mikoto realize each other's identity and when Chikage tells her reasons to kill alongside her master, Mikoto suspects she's being manipulated. Oomichi sets the storage on fire and challenges the vigilantes to get him. Chikage tells Mikoto her feelings and leaves her behind, and before Mikoto collapses, Arashi arrives and gives her bike, urging his partner to finish this, while Oriha successfully deactivates the vests and saves the hostages. Before Chikage can kill Oomichi, Mikoto uses her bike to intercede and when Chikage tries to kill her, Mikoto yells how she cares about her and that is not too late. Oomichi tries to signal his snipers, but they have already being killed by Ampule 0, and he's then killed by Detective Makoto Ogawa, Chikage's master. Ogawa suddenly shoots Chikage in the eye since he considers her useless now. Arashi then throws his gun at Mikoto and she fatally shoots Ogawa, who before dying says that he considers Black Label's actions useless. Chikage regains consciousness and tells her friend that she hopes to reincarnate in a better world alongside her sister, before letting herself fall to the flames. Afterwards, Suzue shows Tatara that the Ogawa they knew was an impostor, and the veteran detective wonders how deep the secrets go. While Black Label wonders how Ogawa knew about them, Ogawa's allies begin to move.
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