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Limit Break
Mikoto starts to develop feelings towards Arashi, but is unsure on how to act on them. Kaoru and Kao... Más Mikoto starts to develop feelings towards Arashi, but is unsure on how to act on them. Kaoru and Kaori attack Suzue, only for Tobishiro's thugs to kidnap her, barely managing to escape with the captive detective. Detective Hijiri, Black Label's contact on the police informs the situation, while Goryu, Tobishiro's second-in-command prepares to torture Suzue by showing her all the addicted girls that she has broken both in mind and body. She also mentions that she's reserving the Platinum Lily for later and how torture works for her. Fiona informs Dr. Mochizuki that Syringe was looking for information in the Public Safety's server, but their motives remain unknown. Black Label goes to Tobishiro's hideout at an abandoned mine, while Goryu taunts Suzue that Kyoji intends to play with her first, so she leaves to receive him. Oriha and Mikoto attract the guard's attention while Arashi looks for Suzue. Kaoru and Kaori also arrive, but they're confronted by a recovered Sayo, who proceeds to trash them around. When Kaori asks how she can be so strong, Sayo tells them that her father Itaru Togo used the D99 virus to save her from an incurable disease, and that she killed him when she snapped. The twins only say that they received their powers from a princess and before Hitsugi can kill them, Mr. Astro arrives and takes them away. Meanwhile Arashi finds and rescues Suzue, but accidentally releases all the girls that were infected with the Platinum Lily.
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