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Flag.8.0 Her First Errand
TV Tokyo
Keima learns that a rare first edition of a bishōjo game called "Love Tears" will be on s... Más Keima learns that a rare first edition of a bishōjo game called "Love Tears" will be on sale at another town, so he goes there the next morning with Elsie tagging along. After teaching Elsie the history of bishōjo games and difference between many editions of the same game, Keima tasks Elsie to buy the game while he goes to a game fair. When she finally finds it, she discovers three different editions of "Love Tears" and correctly chooses the expensive one. Unfortunately, Elsie instead buys the anime version of "Love Tears" by mistake, which Keima suspected so he bought the game at the game fair just in case. Later, Haqua arrives at the Katsuragi residence and asks for their assistance for a report of the capture of the spirit that fed on negative emotions at the academy. They use a magical scale model of the school, including autonomous dolls of them and the students that follow their command by a mic. After Keima helps complete her report, Haqua purposely changes the event of when they had arrived at the theater, saying that he clung to her instead of the other way around. Haqua destroys the mic to prevent Keima from changing her version of the incident. She unfortunately reported beforehand that Keima harassed her during that time, which is displayed by their respective dolls. Much to Haqua's embarrassment and Elsie's anger, they attack him in misunderstanding, accidentally letting the dolls loose. After helping recover the dolls, Haqua thanks them for their help, yet Elsie wonders if Haqua used the report as an excuse to visit Keima.
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