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Flag.11.0 There's Always a Sun in Your Heart
TV Tokyo
Jun, going to a professional wrestling match, finds Keima sitting in her seat, thanks to Elsie discr... Más Jun, going to a professional wrestling match, finds Keima sitting in her seat, thanks to Elsie discreetly duplicating her ticket, and is forced to sit with him during the match. After she wonders why her students had refused her help, Keima asks Jun why the girls basketball team was disbanded when she was captain. He then concludes that it was her selfish idealism that forced the other members to quit, despite her claiming her focus on perfecting their teamwork. She leaves the stadium in anger after hearing his words. The next day, Jun enters the class in a marathon race in hopes to help them bond, but, as the students feel pressured by this, Jun runs away after calling them all selfish. Keima then unexpectedly calls out their behavior before suddenly disappearing from the classroom. As Jun arrives at the old girls basketball team locker room, Keima confronts her for still remaining the same way since her team disbanded. Going into the school gymnasium, Keima consoles and convinces her never to give up and to try as hard as she can to make her students accept her ideals. Jun cheers up when the whole class comes to find her to apologize, much to her joy. Jun is unaware that Keima predetermined the events, purposely having the students start to dislike him then having them worry about her. As her internship comes to a finish, Keima asks Jun to return to the school someday, in which Jun promises to become a much better teacher by then. She then kisses him, finally expelling the spirit inside of her.
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