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Flag. 12.0 The Memory of My First Love
TV Tokyo
As they head to Ayumi's location, Chihiro tells Keima he should tell the truth to Ayumi as unkn... Más As they head to Ayumi's location, Chihiro tells Keima he should tell the truth to Ayumi as unknown to Keima, she already told Ayumi that he was trying to win her heart for something important. At the harbor, Keima tell Ayumi he will honestly tell the truth if she ask anything before continuing their wedding. When she ask if he really loves her, Keima answers he doesn't. After some bickering between the two, Ayumi tells Keima no one should manipulate her feelings as she does love him before kissing him, finally awakening Mercurius' powers. Just when it seems Vintage will capture them, Diana flies and rescues Mercurius and loyalist spirit hunters led by Akari battle Vintage at Point Rock which Akari tells Keima his work is done and he may leave. As the Goddesses and spirit hunters rescue Keima's former conquests, fight Vintage and destroy Point Rock, Keima and Chihiro heads to his home to get her guitar. Chihiro ask Keima if there was something special in her that he tried to conquer her which he lies there wasn't which she also lies she's ok before they say goodbye. On the night of the concert, the 2B Pencils and Kanon sing Chihiro's song as Keima watches. As the credits roll, Keima's past conquest enjoy the festival while the Goddesses spread their wings which only Chihiro sees. Keima heads to the roof tops and cries, apologizing to Chihiro for hurting her while Chihiro struggles to hold her tears to finish her song after remembering her love for Keima. In the epilogue, Mari returns from her trip to South America, all of Vintage were captured and their plans to resurrect the Weiss have been foiled, Haqua is reinstated as spirit hunter while Nora is promoted to Head Section Chief thanks to Keima's deal for her to take credit in finding the Goddesses. As for Keima, everything became normal again but his feelings changed while playing his games because of what happened to Chihiro.
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