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TV Tokyo
Part 1 of the Tenri Arc. Summer Vacation begins, but Keima's plan of nonstop gaming is interrup... Más Part 1 of the Tenri Arc. Summer Vacation begins, but Keima's plan of nonstop gaming is interrupted by his mother to meet her friend Mrs Ayukawa and her shy daughter Tenri, his childhood friend from ten years who Keima doesn't remember. Elsie's detects a spirit inside Tenri, but Keima isn't interested and just wants to play games. But both of them see Tenri at the mall with a different, colder personality, which Keima reluctantly accepts to capture her heart. Meanwhile, Tenri is lectured by Diana, her other personality who, despite her dislike for him, Diana suggests Tenri should try to rekindle her relationship with Keima but the latter is too shy. Tenri is confronted by Nora, a Spirit hunter and her human partner Ryō Asama. Nora, who is known to force spirits out from humans by violent means, reads Tenri mind and thinks Keima is the cause of her possession and plans to kill him. But after Nora captures Keima and Elsie explains that he is her partner, Nora decides torture his mind instead. Keima has a dream of being with Yokkyun which Nora "kills" her which angers Keima that he breaks free from Nora's restrains and scares her away. As Nora plans to kill Keima despite knowing Elsie will die as well, Keima, Elsie and Tenri hides at the school theater. Concluding Diana is not like other spirits, Keima tasks Elsie to find another spirit to fool Nora. Alone with Tenri, Diana corrects Keima that she is not a spirit. When Tenri shows Keima a secret tunnel under the theater, he starts to remember his past with Tenri.
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