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Chance Meeting
TV Tokyo
Part 2 of the Tenri Arc. As they journey through the tunnel, Keima remembers an incident ten years a... Más Part 2 of the Tenri Arc. As they journey through the tunnel, Keima remembers an incident ten years ago during a field trip at the beach. While he and Tenri were on a sailing ship, an earthquake struck which stranded the ship off the coast. Hoping to find a way back to the mainland, they went into a tunnel under the ship where Tenri falls for Keima due to his bravery and giving her his lunch. However, another earthquake struck which knocked out Keima. Tenri and Diana reveal after that happened, creatures called Weiss (which Keima later realizes are the evil spirits) appeared surrounding him and Tenri until Diana helped them escape to the theater after the former agreed to let Diana take over her body. Realizing there's a connection between Diana and the spirits, she reveals she was the one who sealed the spirits in Hell. Unfortunately, Nora and Ryō find them. Knowing Nora will keep chasing them until she captures a spirit, Keima has a plan. They fool Nora into believing a weak spirit that Diana captured is Tenri's spirit by having Elsie release it after Tenri stands up to Nora's accusations that she hates Keima and confesses she loves him. Keima kisses her in front of Nora to make it look real. With Nora no longer after them, Keima wants to know more about the Weiss but Diana tells him she will give him the answers the next time they meet. The next day, Keima and Elsie are surprised to discover the Ayukawas are their new neighbors. As the credits roll with scenes of the current and new characters of the series, Elsie announces the third season of the anime and a new OVA.
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