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Magical Star Kanon 100%
TV Tokyo
Elsie heads for an audition where the winner gets to play as Kanon's little sister on her kid T... Más Elsie heads for an audition where the winner gets to play as Kanon's little sister on her kid TV show Weather Girl Magical Girl Kanon. As she is refused entry for being too old, Elsie detects a spirit and heads into the TV Station to find Kanon, who has been turned into a child. As Elsie decides to capture the spirit herself, Kanon is mistaken by her manager Okada for one of the young girls here for the audition and is brought into the studio. Using the alias, Maron Nakagawa, she befriends a shy girl named Kozue, who's a fan of hers. When Kanon sees another person who looks like her coming to the studio, Elsie realizes it is the spirit in disguise who is using the audition to find a host. Kanon manages to prove she is the real one by singing one of her songs which the impostor reacts negatively and reveals its true form while knocking out the adults and kidnapping the girls. Realizing her songs, which are filled with positive energy affects the spirit, Kanon is determined to save her fans which turns her into a real Magical girl. As she flies to the roof and confronts the spirit, she sings her songs which turns her body back to normal and weakens the spirit which Elsie is able to capture it. Relieved, Kanon passes out and later wakes up to find herself back in the studio. Believing at first everything was just a dream, Kozue reveals she remembers everything which Kanon tells her to keep it a secret and selects her as her little sister. Elsie heads home with the spirit only to chase another one who has turned her into a child as well.
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