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Sunday at hulu Japan 0 temporadas Terminada
28-year-old Kase Taeko (Honda Tsubasa) works at an event company and is fed up with a life where she is always “not selected”. Even on this day, she gets a dressing down from her CEO Itokawa Hiroki (Hamatsu Takayuki) for a mistake that she made at the company. When she returns home, her boyfriend tells her that he wants to break up. Taeko starts using a dating app at the recommendation of Takagi Haruto (Nomura Shuhei), a cafe employee that she knows. Although she has difficulty getting “likes” even on the app, she is eventually matched with Hasegawa Makoto (Sugino Yosuke), a man with good specs, after some instructions from Haruto who is a self-proclaimed app expert. Taeko prepares thoroughly for her first date. But Makoto is surly and says a lot of offensive things even though he looks handsome. She has the worst impression of him.
  • DudaS
  • nataliass
  • AnaLight
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