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What She Least Expected 1
Her Secret Passion 2
Some Kind Of Madness 3
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When Dr. Nicky Somerville's life in the city falls apart, she moves to the small town of Bassett (population 5058 and growing). She thinks the pace will be slower and things more simple. But she learns that life can be complex wherever you are. The series is about Nicky and her fellow Bassett residents. A strong ensemble drama, the relationships between the strongly-scripted and acted characters are the basis of the action. Mercy Peak is home to a cast of colourful, quirky and- above all- complex characters: William, the tenacious head doctor; his son, Alistair, living in the shadow of his father; Louise, the calm centre of the hospital whose personal life is a mess; and Ken, the amiable cop with a penchant for sci-fi and no luck in love. Their stories are the heart of Mercy Peak: Their triumphs, their failings, their foibles and- above all - their passions. And Nicky finds romance- first with social worker Cliff Tairoa, then with the all-too-attached vintner Kieran Masefield. Mercy Peak is about the search for love, forgiveness and mercy, about discovering that the world can be good or bad but that there is always hope and humour.
  • eelaschuk
  • Devon Munn
  • Cássia Wermelinger
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